Darden School Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Darden School Case Study Solution


Darden School can implement some of the other alternatives that are will be discussed down below:

  1. Utilizing the Darden School’s website, by putting in all the information of the business school. The management team can make a video of the entire Darden ground and can upload on to their website. The prospective students can watch the video over the website.
  2. The frequently asked questions section of the website can be used to answer all the un answered questions that are asked by the students.
  3. A students’ care department that would cater all the queries inquired by the prospective students.
  4. The administrative department can take the help of business school brochure. Here they can put all the information about the campus, and mention the different students activities. By looking at the brochure, the prospective students would want
  5. The Darden School administration can call all the prospective students to the business school’s auditorium. The administrative head can deliver a speech and can guide all the students in a much better way. The management team can also run the Darden’s ground tour video on the projector of the auditorium. The voice over will help the students get the knowledge of each place located in the business school.

Recommended Solution

Currently, the Darden School have to face the fuss of handling about 500-600 students that are coming to examine the business School’s environment. The school has to take the services of senior students with better guiding skills. Apart from this, they have to plan a meal for around 600 prospective studentswho might or might not join the campus. The lunch might not create the value for the school.

In order to get relived off all the difficulties, the simplest way the school can satisfy the prospective students is to develop a detailed section in the business school website. The section would contain all the relevant information that can be asked by the student. Moreover, its “frequently asked questions”section would be used to answer more different kinds of possible questions that could be asked by the prospective student. The other thing that can be added to the website is “Darden’s ground tour” video. The students could watch the video if they would want to have a complete tour of the school’s ground. By doing this, the administration would not have to ask for the services of senior students. In addition to this, the video can start off with a brief introduction of the business school and how all the communities are interlinked to it. The prospective students can gain a lot from the video. Plus, their chances of getting admission into the university would be brighter than ever. (The College of Arts & Sciences)

Value Stream mapping

The exhibit 2 shows the value stream mapping (current) of the Darden School. The map contains a brief map starting off from the supplier that is the administrative department of the Darden School. The prospective students can be referred to as the customers.


Exhibit 1

Process Flowchart

Exhibit 2

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