Microsoft: Is the Creative Spark Burning Out? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This came as a relief to investors, given that the preceding year had seen the business report its first- ever annual fall in sales. Microsoft’s software pervaded computers worldwide. The company had been regarded as being on the cutting edge of services and software. Yet, for some time-particularly since the middle of the past decade – it had been increasingly criticised for having had the opportunity for substantial disruptive potential in the market but repeatedly enabling it to slip away.

Despite its undisputed fiscal success, Microsoft was being described as having become a “incompetent, uncompetitive innovator”. In a tangible manifestation of the concern, on 26 May 2010, Microsoft’s standing as the technology industry’s most valuable player was overtaken for the first time in many years, when Apple surpassed the company’s US$219.2 billion market capitalisation by nearly US$3 billion. Then on 4 October 2010, Goldman Sachs downgraded Microsoft’s stock, which it had supported since the business’s initial public offering in 1986. Why was Microsoft creating the truly tumultuous and breakthrough technological products and services the firm used to pride itself on? How could the business once again regain its position as the powerhouse of technology innovation?


Microsoft Is the Creative Spark Burning Out Case Study Solution

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Microsoft: Is the Creative Spark Burning Out?

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