Can Nice Guys Finish First? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Can Nice Guys Finish First Case Study Solution

Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

The third solution is to request for time frame to improve the leadership skills, which is the best one in comparison of the other two solutions. As, it not does not only save the relationship between Merwyn and Adam, it also provides Adam a clear pathway to follow and work on his shortcomings, and it keeps his dream alive of leading the hotel chain as the CEO in the near future. The other two methods were one way or the other, this is the moderate one among them and also provide the best possible outcome for all the parties involved. Yes it will consume a lot of Adam’s time, but developing the additional skills will take time and will benefit him forever.As leadership skills are most important as “Substitutes for leadership such as management and professionalism don’t work completely.” Kerr & Jermier (1978).

For this method to work Merwyn has to guide and mentor Adam and continuously monitor his progress to provide timely feedback. So, if a particular approach is not providing results; alterations can be made accordingly. It is a long process and will require patience and motivation to make it a fruitful one.Contingency plan is already in place in this method as the time frame of Adam’s progress and continuous monitoring will provide ample time to make a decision about future of the hotel chain leadership. In case of Adam’s failure in meeting the requirements at the allocated time; he will be granted more time, and the person managing as a CEO will continue to perform his duties for an extended period. Thus, coaching and mentoring play very important roles in developing the leadership skills of a person..........


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