Idea Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cheques evaluation to find irregularities:

  1. I have checked the cheques register for the month of November and found four void cheques, the number of void cheques are as follows 12444, 12469, 12520 and 12597.
  2. Three invoices are issued twice and the number of those three invoices are 11475, 12130 and 183940.
  3. Total 16 invoices have duplicate amounts out of which 4 relates the void cheques and the remaining 12 duplicate amount invoices number are 12433, 12466, 5983621, 5983627, 11475, 11475, 10144, 6728636, 13808, 13809, 183940 and 183940. All the invoices which have same amount are also issued to the same suppliers as well.
  4. Just two cheques are issued for cash, the chequesnumber are as follows 12456 and 12511 whereas, and the invoice number are 74841 and 10025.
  5. Total 7 cheques are missing the cheques number of missing cheques are as follows 12489, 12490, 12617, 12618, 12620, 12621 and 12691.

Idea Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Evaluation of sales and receivables transaction in order to find irregularities:

  1. Total 40575 invoices are missing and the invoice numbers are 48525, 48723. The remaining invoices numbers are from 49511 to 90083.
  2. Total 68 customers have given the discount more than 2% of the total receivables. The invoice numbers are attached in the appendix.
  3. There are 25 invoices in the month of December which are written off by the company, detail of the invoices is attached in the appendix.
  4. There are total three receivable invoices which have to be received from customers not mentioned in the master customer file. The invoices number of those receivables are 48948, 48949 and 48378.
  5. JoAnn Miller is responsible for the write-off of four invoices, Arnie Camp is responsible for the write-off of six invoices and for the write-off of twelve invoices Andrew Weaver is responsible.

Purchase Area:

Tap and Die set and Wheel barrow have negative quantity in the inventory table both the inventory have quantity of -12 and -8 respectively.

Items which have not been sold in the last year:

There are just five items in the inventory which have not been sold in the last year, out of these five items there is just one item which have quantity in order which is Canister Set. Except for the Spading Fork all the remaining four items are also ordered in the year.

Higher purchase costs:

There are just two items in the inventory which have higher purchase costs and lower selling costs, the one item is Per Lineal and the second item is Cooper sports bag.

Unauthorized Vendors:

There is just one supplier from which the goods had been purchased and the supplier does not appear in the approved supplier list, the vendor name is “Smith Corporation” and the vendor number is 15999.

Suspicious Purchases:

There are thirteen transactions which are greater than 4500 and less than 5000, these transactions can be suspicious as they are made on the pattern which is normally used to avoid the authorization process. Furthermore, two of the suspicious purchases have also made from the unauthorized vendor which again increases the doubts on the validity of the purchases...............................

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