Changing Face of the Indian Television Industry: 2006 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Television in India has been around for more than four decades. For the first 17 years, the program was limited to black and white, and the sales figures of televisions were minimal. Liberalization of the Indian economy, however, has brought with it many changes, including the introduction of the global players in the production and broadcasting. Within just 10 years, the broadcasting industry rose from one of public services to a thriving sector with more than 300 channels beamed across India. Sales of televisions, though a low level of penetration, also continues to grow steadily. By 2005, India's potential as one of the largest in the world viewerships was to draw attention of the international media giants. Paradoxically, the infrastructure and the prevailing regulatory environment questioned dormant industrial growth. This was especially true for rural India, which is usually characterized by low levels of income. Looking at the industry from the broadcast and production perspective, this note we study the dynamics, challenges and prospects of Indian television. "Hide
by Jim Laurie, Kavita Web Source: University of Hong Kong, 45 pages. Publication Date: March 28, 2006. Prod. #: HKU566-PDF-ENG

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Changing Face of the Indian Television Industry: 2006

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