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Watson is an achievement of the IBM research and development with its technological advancement. In 2011, the Jeopardy of the games show on television was on the first hit of Watson. The Watson is an innovation of the artificial intelligence that entails the ability to formulate the natural language and analytics with which it can transform the information as how humans do. The practice of transforming data helped it to analyze and interpret the huge quantity of data that it received.

The name of Watson is based on the analyst, Thomas Watson. The usage of Watson is intensive to the workplace of businesses which involves efficient working of the sales person to support theCEOs responsibilities. Moreover, the healthcare system has also endowed with the effectiveness of the Watson.

Adoption of Watson

Ryan Faithful, IBM's Global Deployment Manager, based on the Toronto region was consideredfor the project of Watson. The first issue he was concerned about was that whether the clients and business people would come ahead for to purchase Watson or not. Watson is a unique artificialness developed by the researchers at IBM. It has different features that have strengthened its capabilities to attract the different organizations. Moreover, Watson has the natural language programming with which it answers the responder in acceptable English. Watson is capable of speaking as ahuman being. The action of acting as a human being is due to the natural programming language that allows Watson to gather the data, analyze it with the different computing systems inside it and interpret it in accordance with the requirement.

The investment made towards Watson was a lot. Ryan, thus, was concerned about the adoption of this technology among the clients and the business partners. He should not be afraid for adoption of Watson as Watson has the capabilities for which it would be pay the clients and the business partners of the IBM as well.

Opportunities and threats of Watson's triumph

Watson is no doubt, outdo technological development. It has developed and competed against the television game show contests at its close initiative to the launch. Moreover, there are bigger opportunities and threats as per theBig Data analysis and the Cloud–based services. Following is the insight of its opportunities and threats on Big Data Analysis and Cloud–based Services.


The Big data implementation is considered to be the key element for organizations in order to compete against the other companies. The Big Data opportunity can enhance the operating margin of the companies more than 60%. Thus, Watson also has the potential to increase the profit margins of other companies. For those companies that perform extremely well as well as they are financially well and that their business analysis are efficient, therefore it could be said that the optimization of these companiescan lead to anincrease of 20 times in the profit margin and a high return of estimation of 30% on the investment with the utilization of Watson in future. The data, however, has a link that maintains the connection between the data of the various sources. Thus, the processing of data through large data sampling humans and computers can be the beneficiary of the Watson.

The cloud–based services of Watson however, can entail the in–depth data of customers, suppliers and manufacturers of the companies. The data is maintained with the engagement of the clients' history and can use for wherever and whenever the companies want to utilize it. Moreover, with the help of Watson's cloud–based services companies can also retain their suppliers, service providers and other dealers in order to sustain a better collaboration.....................

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