Increasing Supplier-Driven Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Despite the importance of initiation to the success of a company, only recently have companies not only established internal surroundings conducive to innovation but also started cultivating, identifying and taking advantage of an extensive assortment of outside sources for innovation. Among such sources, providers are recognized as having notably large initiation possibility because they understand what the businesses - that's, their customers -are doing and desire and additionally because mechanisms for knowledge transfer from supplier to customer are generally in place. However, while it is one thing for a mechanics to be accessible by which providers may transfer invention to customers, it really is quite another for the providers actually to do the transportation.

The customers, the prime mover in structure and preserving the relationship, can move in two means to encourage the supplier to innovate to the benefit of the customer. Second and most of all, the customer should not initiate directly neutral and trust-building activities.


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Increasing Supplier-Driven Innovation

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