Huntington Hospital (A): Empowering Staff Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kim Markey began as the director of Huntington Hospital (HH) which was located in Pasadena, California. HH was a 625 bed nonprofit medical centre.

To further HH's focus on high-quality, patient-focused care, Jim Noble, executive VP-COO/CFO, was searching for a change in way, especially in the Business Services Office.

Accounts Receivable (AR), a billing metric that is key, could be lower and Noble hired Markey with the mandate to enhance functionality. Markey's long-term vision called for re-examining the revenue cycle as well as the processes of the hospital to ensure that HH would become a more powerful performer. She needed to get her metrics under control as a first step before transforming the departments she oversaw- Revenue Integrity, Business Services, Data Services, Medical Records, and Declaring -into genuinely patient-focused business centers. The next step would be removing impediments for patients and developing the mindset of her departments so that HH would become known as "an organization that will work with you to assist you to realize what is happening."

This case starts by detailing the environment when Markey started that she found in the Business Services Office. Because morale was not high and an atmosphere of anxiety prevailed, Markey was purposeful and thoughtful about actions and her strategy as executive director. Huntington Hospital was also deep into preparations for a leading software conversion, and from previous experience, Markey understood the implementation would negatively impact AR days. To do so, two advisors were brought in by her. This case leaves off with a description of the initial work the consultants did with their appraisal of roadblocks and the Medicare team to moving forward. Pupils are asked to create a suggestion for what the advisers and Markey should do.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Huntington Hospital (A): Empowering Staff

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