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cliffhanger mystery. Walsh has the final say in the design and production of film scripts for big box office release. This new concept of the film, like many others in the industry, is risky. This could be a blockbuster, but it can also be a costly disaster. In addition, Anderson could recommend Walsh abandon the production of film drama and use the available resources are currently studio film production from another script Home Box Office (HBO). Anderson has to determine the best use of available resources studio production. HBO option will provide sufficiently specific profit. On the other hand, a huge success at the box can deliver a high place on the map as a major contender among Hollywood studios, but the flop may incur significant losses that High Places could afford. See also In the case, UVA-QA-0547. "Hide
by Dana Clyman, Jenelle Hamme Sullivan Source: Darden School of Business 3 pages. Publication Date: June 10, 1999. Prod. #: UV6214-PDF-ENG

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High Places Studio A

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