Emba: Mkt 561 Team Case Analysis “Unilever in Brazil” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Emba: Mkt 561 Team Case Analysis “Unilever in Brazil” Case Study Help

Q3. Design the Marketing Mix. Choose the product (formulation and packaging), price, promotion (objectives, message, mix), and distribution that will allow Unilever to create and capture value for low-income consumers in the Northeast of Brazil.

Marketing mix


Based on the target consumer base and demographic factors; the product’s pricing strategy is considered to be low-pricing. This is because the customers of Brazilian detergent market have low-income as compared to other countries across the world.


The expansion of Unilever’s consumer products is known to broaden the product mix, which mainly includes more than 400 brands, so its identifies the company’s output and shows it a variety of products and defined as compared to previous growth the new product of liquid detergent for washing clothes will be successful and popular among new launching products.

Place/ distribution

The company can reflect on the direct consumers from the low-end market by supplying its new product to the retailers, shops, different stores and door-to-door sales. This is because of the low-income and low purchasing power of buyers. Thus, the low-priced product would influence the purchasing power positively, leading towards an increased sales of detergent products.


The product can be promoted by different strategies in high level of competitive consumer goods market, which mainly includes the following:

  • Sales promotion.
  • Door to door sale.
  • Direct marketing.

Q4. Provide any final thoughts you have about this case and would you recommend it for others.

Final Thoughts:

The case provides a detailed analysis of the marketing information for Unilever in Brazil, which is quite important and accurate to be utilized for conducting marketing research about a giant firm like Unilever. Similarly, it provides a detailed analysis of the detergent industry of Brazil, along with the information regarding the consumer demographics and preferences, which is quite useful to evaluate the expansion in a particular market segment. It contains all the details that could be used to suggest a suitable marketing mix for the firm. Moreover, the case study could be used to implement various marketing tools, such as: SWOT, Porter’s five forces model and marketing mix, etc. Therefore, the case is highly recommended to the learners who are willing to implement the marketing models....................


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