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Guidewire is a software publisher based in Foster city, California, founded by 6 people known as Ken Branson, James Kwak, John Raguin and Marcus Ryu from Arriba whereas,McKinney JohnSey bold and MarkShaw are from Kana Software's. Guidewire offers core-back-end software for property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers in the U.S and worldwide. In September 2011, Guidewire filed SEC with a raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering (IPO),and it first public ally traded on the NYSE in January 2012. Guidewire was later cited as being one of the top IPOs in 2012.

The company has been cited as being the most desirable mid-sizes area company among other 50 companies with workforce of 101–500 employees in 2012.

It has three top notch products that help insurance companies to minimize their IT workflow and to ease the transactions such as; Claim center, policy center, billing center.These softwares are highly configurable products and can be customized, and integrated with any P&C insurer environment. These softwares are built on latest technologies. Moreover, it has recently introduced GOSU programming language, which is an advanced technology and the scope of adapting this program is vastas many of the leading insurance companies are using this software.

In addition to this, Guidewire supports insurance operations including underwriting, policy administration, billing and claims management. All applications are in the form of common platform module, covering the P&C insurance life cycle as well as it replaces legacy systems.

Why did Seybold believe that scrum would help Guidewire? What benefits did he hope to achieve for the company?

 When John Sey bold founded the company with his other 5 partners, they had little knowledge of the insurance industry however,before setting up the business they all served the software companies, but they had not been drawn in the insurance company. The leaders realized that there was a need of a quick and effective learning for their teams, in order to convince the major insurers to scrap the old, expensive aging mainframes computer and to switch to a more effective, time saving, cheaper java-scripted software provided by the unknown and unproven providers, also known as Guidewire.

In order to achieve the goals of being an efficient, highly flexible and quick solution company, they had devised a scrum to achieve the goals.The aim of the scrum was to build small effective teams with their own elected scrum-leader. The process where they could prioritize their project themselves and manage the work efficiently, omitting the middle management,which in many cases,is the reason of the delay in the decision making process and can create communication barriers.

Seybold believed Scrum could help the company numerous ways, such as it could reduce or lower the communication barrier among the individuals and even the whole organization. It would provide the employees with the feeling of owning the project, which would help them focus and work more closely with the project. The employees would set the priority of the tasks by themselves. The scrum would also help the company in maintaining the backlog of the projects resulting in no pending projects. These entire factors collectively will benefit Guidewire to focus on the insurers, to manage the portfolios of the insurance companies, to efficiently manage and to cut the operation cost for the company as well as to set the daily targets, which can be met in the tenure of a month, which in turn, will increase the productivity of the company as a result,making good reputation in the market.

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What are the benefits of scrum to Guide wire’s customers?

Scrum was proposed to provide benefits to the employees as well as to the customers, who are the most crucial element for any company.Scrum can help the customers, mainly insurers, in number of ways, which are discussed below:......................

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