Managing Information Systems and Technology Projects Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The project case study selected is of the company AstraZeneca. The company transitioned its culture and operations towards agility and innovation. The project involves the creation of a PMO, i.e. project management organization, in order to build the capabilities of project management in its employees and throughout the organization. Thus, a centralized PMO was created. Additionally, the company expanded the project and included culture, tools of enterprise project management, leadership skills, risk management of portfolio and project, a framework for decision making and an automatic system for portfolio views. (Mazzetti, 2018) The size of the project is huge, it can be analyzed from the context above that it is not a small project but rather a very big one as it involves bringing changes in the culture of the company. The development of a centralized project management organization and then the expansion of the scope, which further includes bringing improvement and changes in almost all the key operations of the company, took up to three years’ time to get completed. Problem Statement The company took this project in order to boost the overall productivity and to increase its profitability and profit margins. One area where the company saw that huge improvements can be made, which would eventually make a positive impact on the financials of the company was its delivery performance. Thus, this project was started in order to make an improvement and bring a change in the delivery performance of the company. (Framework, 2018) Project Objectives The objectives of the project can further be sub-categorized into the following categories. Cultural Objectives:

Managing Information Systems and Technology Projects Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The cultural objectives include the methodical practice of the values of the company among its employees. The values are simplicity, collaboration, customer focused, excellence in operations and leadership. Alignment of procurement and governance with regulatory processes and with SAFe: This involves the alignment of the new delivery framework with the regulatory processes and the other operations of the company. Alignment of the AstraZeneca with its offshore teams: As the company has various contracts with third parties and a number of outsourced companies are working for it, thus, good collaboration and coordination with offshore teams is very crucial for the success of the company. Current State of the AstraZeneca’s IT Before the project was initiated, the processes and operations of the company were very different. If we look back to when the company initiated this project, i.e. 2013, it can be analyzed that the IT systems and general operations of the company, its culture, was different to what it is after the completion and transition of the culture of the company. The IT systems used by the company for the management of the information consumed a lot of its resources. They were also very slow and were controlled strictly by the upper management. Before the agility, archiving of the information, structures and processes were based on the traditional methods and principals. In addition to this, there was no transparency within the company related to the data and information. And, it got even worse when third parties were involved...................

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