Should You Sell That Product? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Should You Sell That Product?  Case Solution

Problem Analysis

Introduction of the Current Scenario

Harris Chartoff is the Chairman of the Chartoff publishing. He founded Chartoff Publishing in 1978. Moreover, the famous article of the Chartoff Publishing wasthe white–collar businessmen dropping out to join brands of motorcyclists that gave the Chartoff popularity. Moreover, Olivia, the marketing head of new product development has suggested for the EI Diablo series for the Chartoff publication. The series would include the gangster life. The target market for the series was the young men of the city. Olivia and her team had the plans for digital marketing the upcoming series. Calvin Hurt, however, was the new hired team member of Olivia’s team. Nevertheless, Olivia’s team was appreciated for the efforts it made for EI Diablo series.

Evaluation of the Problem

The Marketing Head of new product development, Olivia, has presented the digital marketing plan for the new series EI Diablo. Olivia along with her team have planned marketing strategies for the development of the series. However, Theresa Cooper, a member of Institute for African–Americans in the Media (IAAM) caught Harris in ACLU of Northern California after getting the news for publishing the EI Diablo series.She had the objection for the EI Diablo series because she did not want that the bad image of the Blacks would depict through the series. However, Olivia and Calvin previously discussed the aspects of the scenario that can leverage Negative Image for the publication. Thus, Harris has informed Olivia about the present situation about Theresa who was going to present the negativity of the image for the upcoming series of Chart off.

Case Analysis

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)Analysis is performed to identify the internal and external environment of a firm. Following is the Chart off Publication’s organizational performance.


The Micro e–books of EI Diablo have to be launched. Moreover, Calvin has surveyed market of the e–book that revealed that the users of the e- books are teenagers, in as well as the African–Americans and Latinos are majority of the users of the social media and mobile devices rather than whites.The target audience for the EI Diablo series is young age people.Another source for the upcoming series was the deployment of Application games with which the teenagers will grab. Moreover, the series has to entail the real world image this is the attraction for the teenagers and the audience wants to see the shadow of reality everywhere as well.


Theresa has portrayed the negativity of the image for the EI Diablo. The Harris has never been afraid of the controversy, however, the protests of the blacks that mainly include doctor and accountants would not allocate the stores to sell the books. Moreover, the business could be undergoing rather than underdog if the people come to street and the money and resources could be in loss with the restriction in launches. The major cause of feeling the project is that the teenagers are target segment for the series and the series contain prohibited items for the children and teenagers.


Chart off’s publication is a popular producer of the unique stories. Theunder line projects of the Chart off can produce the better sells if they produce materials with the nonracial concerns. Moreover, the non-differentiation among languages, race, colors and gender with the negativity will also proper the organization.


Series of the EI Diablo can produce the racial difference among the people that would lead to the protests and can further undertake the business of the Chart off. Moreover, the restricted content would create negativity in the kids and teenagers mind...............

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