Starbuck’s loyalty reigns Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Starbuck's loyalty reigns Case Solution

Part II:

Starbucks Company stands as the biggest coffee house business in the world, Remarkable name in the industry by providing high-quality services and differentiation among the competitors, To make it more attractive management continuously using different strategies to introduce new features which enhance the customer's flexibility and increase the order demand.

Social media plays a vital role in today's world to present the product or decline the product. Top management starts promoting their mobile app on Facebook and Twitter, which are leading performers of social media today and give different benefits to customers who advertise it more like free dinner and meals.

Moreover, mobile apps idea was very successful in a short period, it increases the revenue to the company and also introduces many new customers who are unknown to Starbucks before the application. The application requires a lot other to efforts to run the system; it needs efficient and high skilled management to control the orders and payments procedure through the use.

I think the digital working is not so easy to operate and manage; they must prepare the workforce to handle the process and do planning to handle the unsought situations like product damage, any technological issues, and card debt payments procedures.

I think the idea of providing Wi-Fi services and free iTunes download is the best strategy to increase the customer's interest. Mostly apple users are finding such places where they can download through iTunes because it's great to purchase software which is not affordable to everyone. Customers can do their office works smoothly in a comfortable environment and have availability of Wi-Fi with a cup of coffee or any particular deal.

Usually, external meetings with clients and personal counseling are held in these places where people found some privacy and easy to talk atmosphere. Mostly introvert peoples are more likely to visit these places where they found no one to disturb them.

Furthermore, mobile app idea is rating high in other few years, and it became the installed applications of every customer mobile phone. People's use the applications and make orders conveniently, company generate the unexpected revenues and invest it again to other opportunities to get more response.

If we see another side of this, the company is going to totally reliable to the mobile apps which might bring a risk in long-term impacts. They do not force on the physical branches and their management it might be given a good chance to a competitor to introduce their product by providing excellent quality service to the dining customers. The problem in any technology or mobile application may lead towards negative comments from the customers.

Part II: Identify Internal Strengths:

Coffee is something, where peoples do not compromise with high quality and best services and fortunately, Starbucks, have these both varieties on hand, and that was the best internal strength of the company.  Top management is highly skilled and stronger in financial performance; they invested the amount in different campaigns which generate the customer's interest, and they frequently order.

Other main internal strength is:

  1. Strong brand image
  2. Extensive global supply chain
  3. Diversified business through subsidiaries

Starbucks has one of the strongest and most popular brands in the world; they have different suppliers who are inter-connected with them and apply the same conditions to every branch. The main strength of the Starbucks is that you will find the same quality and service in every branch (Lombrado, 2015).............................

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