Growth Hacking at Bazaart (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Growth Hacking at Bazaart (A) Case Solution

Chapter 1: Introduction

Bazaart was founded in 2012 in Tel Aviv of Israel. It was established with the support of four co-founders. The purpose of company was to provide an expert application to edit photos on iPhones. The features deployed by Bazaart were so simple and unique for the users ofiPhone. The company initially achieved a million of downloads for its app by 2014.The success of downloads was due to growth hacking technique that generated downloads of the app without deploying much cost to the traditional marketing.

Growth hacking includes virtual practices of marketing. Furthermore, Bazaart carried out with growth hacking technique that has leveraged to attract more users and to enhance the volume of app downloads. Moreover, the company was facing financial problems since, the company and its founders made many sacrifices in last two years for the growth of the company. Moreover, the company was looking for new investors to raise funds. However, finding investors for the company was so challenging since, the competitive market space was not a good place to put in capital since, the barriers for entry towards the industry were low and the industry was facing vigorous competition.

Moreover, the investors were thinking that how the company would make money in such a competitive environment. Moreover, the company was founded by four co-founders which were working for the firm and serving as executives.In addition, the investors were suspicious about the future of the company since, the company had numerous challenges ahead but apart from the biggest challenge for the company was to find out potential investors.

Furthermore, the company was facing a rapid growth but at this stage only those customers were downloading the company’s app which was free however, the company was considering that what will happen if the firm impose an initial cost or subscriber fee on the first download.

Afterwards, there were two options which the company was considering from the investors’ perspective the first option was that the company was considering to move on towards the American Market in pursuit of enhanced business while the second option was to stick with the current market to increase the number of customers.

Moreover, some investors were thinking that the crucial part of the strategy is to move on to the next market i.e. USA while some other investors were thinking that increasing only the number of customers is more crucial at this stage.

Now the company has these options in front of it to make the final decision however, the industry space is so competitive, the threat of new entrant towards the industry is high, the threat of substitution is also high while the buyer and supplier are in strong position to bargain with the industry members.

All the above factors are making this industry an average arena for business moreover; it can also be said before going into deep analysis that future of all the companies working in the industry is in darkness because of the said factors. However, the only key to survival and growth in this industry is said to be entrepreneurship and innovation. Since, major competitorsare competing on the basis of innovation and uniqueness.

Furthermore, the company was following a growth hacking strategy which is allowing it to reach one million downloads but there are so many challenges in front of the company as discussed earlier. Moreover, the company has to choose from these options in pursuit of the business growth and survival..............

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