Good directors and bad behavior Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Because of financial fraud are not uncommon, and the leaders and / or CFO often directly involved in them, the directors of public corporations should be constantly engaged in monitoring of legal and ethical behavior of its employees. This is the case for three main reasons. First, due to the pressure of various organizational and decision-making gaffes, even people who want to be "good'-most employees expected to do often make serious ethical lapses. Secondly, the top corporate officers are particularly susceptible to make some of these errors. Thirdly, for various psychological reasons, corporate directors, it is often difficult to adequately protect the officers. This part of Business Law and Ethics Corner explores the good directors and bad behavior. "Hide
by Robert Prentice Source: Business Horizons 7 pages. Publication Date: November 15, 2012. Prod. #: BH496-PDF-ENG

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Good directors and bad behavior

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