Ethics and Responsibility Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ethics and Responsibility in ICT-Enterprises – Prospects and Challenges for Management and Leadership


Enterprises, Ethics, Information and Communication Technology, Management and Leadership, Responsibility


This article is entirely based on the critical analysis, which is actually an underlying and highlighting statement on the role of being at a managerial position and some leadership issues in context with the application of responsibility and ethics in information and communication technology enterprises. The key elements that have been given specifically focus on the information and communication technology, moral values or ethics, management and leadership within an enterprise. Areas which are covered in this research are quiet broad and require a detailed analysis from many perspectives. As per the analysis of this study, it could be interpreted that the hierarchical system, scale and size of the company actually result in differing from each other in terms of leadership styles, management practices and ethical dilemmas. These practices and different styles actually force the creation of new discussions related to managerial and leadership’s roles. Another scope of this article is linked with ICT enterprises that how these key variables represent the role of leadership and management in context of ethics and responsibility. The paper highlights two different research problems. First problem is to examine that what kinds of suggestions the actual source materials propose for possible ethical leadership, and secondly, to clarify that what kind of suggestions they have for responsible management of the enterprise. By keeping these point of views in mind, the author explores the expected managerial and leadership actions through written texts and statements. The present ICT background in terms of overall responsible decisions and ethical decisions is somehow very challenging, but it also proposes considerable potential possibilities. ICT enterprises have relationships with other industrial fields as well in the global and competitive environment.

Making ethical and practical business decisions is a key to long term and strategic success for any business including information and communication technology enterprises; although ethical decision making authorities may, at times, achieve lower short term financial outcomes than their shadier counterparts. Knowing how to make such ethical business decisions can actually help managers to set the standard all the way through the organization, which helps the company to acquire a strong and positive reputation in the industry while securing a loyal customer base on a long term basis.

One statement that is worth making is that information and communication technology is present in a variety of business environments, which is not limited to the firms that are exclusively operating in the ground of information and communication technology. These are actually the potential companies that are offering the telecommunications and mobile operative services along with extra networking aids for institutional, commercial and private customers. Moreover, these firms are actually known as information technology service providers or software maintenance providers. Consequently, responsible and ethically organized leadership and management in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enterprises are essential for many kinds of enterprises.

The size and hierarchal system of the organizations has been given special importance in this regard because each organization possesses its own style of operating, which differs from each other in terms of leadership and management responsibilities. While focusing on the statements and citations in the literature review, it is found that they also expose many illustrations that emphasize on the size, chain of command and scale of doing business in the information and communication technology field as well as in other potential areas. Different issues and risk related to the ethics, moral values and leadership arises in every kinds of business specifically these days where the competition is at its peak. In the case of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enterprises, a person serving at the managerial or leadership position tries his best to solve the administrative and organizational issues by forming a special team of computer specialist and most importantly the head of this team has a noticeable position in the general management hierarchy, and he also makes sure the permeability of ethical and practical computer use policies.................

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