Optimark: Launching a Virtual Securities Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bill Lupien in OptiMark Technologies, Inc, is planning to launch a super-computer in September 1998, which he believes will release previously withheld liquidity in the securities market. While on the market today meets those trades based on the price and size of the system in accordance Lupien offers trading on the basis of willingness of investors to trade through the continuum results. Investors enter change profiles in the system that are willing to sell specific volumes at specific prices - for example, no shares at $ 51.50, 10,000 shares at $ 51, $ 50.50 20000, etc. If it works, the system will continuously receive buy and sell orders for shares from institutional and individual investors, to compare them instantly at preferred prices investor and execute trades - all in complete secrecy, except for statements of each transaction in the market after its completion . "We talked in our industry at a kindergarten in what we call a two-dimensional space. - Price and size of those two variables - how much you want to buy and at what price," explained Lupien. "We urge OptiMark three-dimensional, because it may be the degree of appreciation of the investor (ready to trade), as well as the price and size. Adding a third dimension to the market, we have created an almost infinite language." Includes color exhibits.
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by John J. Sviokla Source: Harvard Business School 22 pages. Publication Date: July 10, 1998. Prod. #: 399005-PDF-ENG

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Optimark: Launching a Virtual Securities Market

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