Social Media and Ashton Kutcher Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Social Media and Ashton Kutcher Case Solution


Many parts of the total population both youthful and old are as of now going on the data superhighway that dependably surges people or gatherings with an endless stream of data about any subject of intrigue or maybe about any individual they may appreciate. This cooperation of data or information has made eras that are assaulted by the reality, figures, information like no other time ever.

A long time before social media portability detonated, it was for the most part consigned to desktop PCs however, today in the appearance of versatile innovation has stretched out into a multi-faceted and multi-social phenomenon. For VIPs and even many organizations, social media (Web 2.0) has turned into a matter of need to monitor the social pattern and to acknowledge, adjust and endeavor to have that individual association with the average individual who follow them.

For normal businesses, e- business has developed into the utilization of sending instant messages, Tweets, Facebook posts, or messages to associate straightforwardly to clients. Both organizations and big names have needed to adjust the state of mind, trying to be locked in with gatherings down to the person as an approach to pick up a taking after for expert or business purposes.

For this analysis, the case will discover what is the advantage and inspiration for the utilization of social media. Today, it is utilized by screen performing artists, craftsmen, lawmaker, and the normal business person and what sort of individual association or potentially income does it produce.

  1. Discuss how your company (Amazon)( your company (Amazon)( can benefit from open source software – pros and cons.

Open source software indicates that any product whose source code is made accessible freely or unreservedly (not on charge or on licensing premise as an e-business) for any outsider to audit and adjust (Baltzan, 2014). Open source software is used by everyone for example Google, obtaining books from Amazon, or setting a call with MCI, then in that case open source is used. Each of these firmsemploys open source as a component of its core computing structure.

The open source software is very advantageous to the Pinterest[1] by getting to other online networking stages and speaking with their product designers to trade views, opinions and information. Pinterest could also provide advantage to open source programming by making modifications to other programming's current coding and in this way, developing the technology and making it customer centric.

Pros and cons of using open source software in Amazon Company:


  • The open source software is vulnerable against security risk because of the access to code
  • Open source code is a different developed group that cooperates to produce the underlying solution
  • Also, it works together to solve the issues and deliver new releases.
  • It would result in fewer bugs and quick solutions
  • The quality is normally the essential reason to select open source software.
  • It incorporates the customization highlight of changing it and to add the functions they need or want.
  • Customers are in control to settle on their own decisions and to do what they need with the software
  • Open source software is vastly improved at holding fast to open norms and standards than proprietarysoftware designdoes
  • It provides better quality at a small amount of the cost.


  • Fear of losing the credibility by releasing the code
  • The open source software is considered as the not readable acceptable by enterprisers
  • It is difficult to maintain
  • It can create the problem of security and quality because the code is shared to everyone

Therefore, showing the concern about security is certainly not a significant motivation to move in the opposite direction of open source software. Along with this, the open collaboration effort derives development, and grasping open source software, which is one approach to stay aware of the quickly advancing enterprise world that is facing steady change because of cloud and virtualization. (Andresen, 2013)

It is observed that even the biggest organizations are grasping open source software for their upcoming and recent projects, and it is expected that these myths will continue and the company will understand the genuine capability of utilizing open source software.

Therefore, the open source software can be used in Amazon for social website because it provides freedom of remix and adoption. On the other hand, it takes the set of works from public and modifying it to make it their own particular and valuable. Organizations that use open source programming can also interconnect with different organizations because of high degrees of collaboration and cooperation such as programming.

Social Media and Ashton Kutcher Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


2.     Look at Fig. 15.8 as a model to use for your business:

  1. B2B: business to business; only an extension between the providers and suppliers.
  2. B2C: business to customers; particularly for the people, as, and so on.
  3. C2B: consumer to-business; C2B sites permit the customers to set costs for the products they need to buy themselves.
  4. C2C: Consumer-to-consumer; it is appropriate for the organizations which acts as a mediator between the customers and merchants. C2C sites give people the chance to offer or buy products directly.
  5. Pinterest is an online networking site that permits clients to organize and share pictures and videos from around the Web.................

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