Dengue Fever Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dengue Fever Case Study Solution


Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease caused by the dengue virus which is transferred through the bite of a mosquito into the human body. Dengue virus is a complicated virus which shows symptoms of disease after four to fourteen days after the infection.Usually, the patients could recover from dengue within two to three weeks of treatment.  However, in few cases it becomes life-threatening for the infected patient.

When we talk about the clinical manifestation of the dengue fever it is important to know that there are many complications and complexities involved. The dengue fever can be caused by five different viruses. Because, the dengue fever could be caused by five different dengue viruses, there are many types of mosquitoes and other species that carry dengue virus, and while biting the fever from the mosquito is transmitted to the body that causes dengue fever to the patient. However, the increasing complications in the dengue fever have emphasized over the proper diagnostic process of the fever.

There are many symptoms that indicates the dengue fever, but it should also be ascertained that all those symptoms might not indicate to the fever.It is vital to understand the clinical manifestations, including signs and symptoms of the disease, primary and secondary reasons, its origin, and types of treatment, its complications and implications.

As the symptoms might not appear to be clear to the doctor so, it is very complicated to understand the clinical manifestation. It is the nature of the virus that it causes infection and inflammation into the body that might be life threatening in a few cases. On the other hand, it is also very important to understand the guidelines to reduce the mosquitoes, determine their origin, and how are they born. Consequently, what types of treatments are there for the dengue virus, and its implications according to clinical manifestations?


Dengue is the most common arthropod-borne viral illness in the human body. It is being transmitted by the mosquitos of genus Aedes. These mosquitos are distributed throughout the world in the tropical, and subtropical regions. The dengue virus was first discovered by the Chinese Medicine-Health Encyclopedia, and was referred as a water poison that was associated with the flying insects.The disease has now spread around 100 countries worldwide specially Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and the Caribbean. In these countries the risk of dengue transmission is high.

There are many reasons for the growth, and spread of the dengue virus around the world. One reason is unplanned urbanization which leads to inadequate housing and public health systems and improper management of water, sewerage, and waste, and poor vector control leads to the creation of dengue virus which is being carried by the mosquitos. In addition, the international travel has also a great impact on the growth of dengue virus.

It is important to understand that dengue is a self-limited illness, and there are no specific treatments or antiviral treatments for the dengue virus. Although, there are some methods by which the fever could be reduced, and the patient could recover from the disease. But, there are many difficulties that how the fever could be treated since there are no specific antibiotics, and other medicines as well. So, it is imperative to understand how to overcome the disease.


Dengue Fever Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Dengue Fever

The dengue fever is the most common type of fever. It is almost found in more than 100 countries worldwide. The fever is caused by the bite of mosquitos that are carrying the virus with them, and then this virus is transmitted into the body. And,the methods for treatment are very complicated and have many complexities involved.

This is the pathogenesis of the dengue virus that overpopulation, and inadequate water, sewerage, and waste management results in the creation of dengue virus which is transmitted to human body through mosquitoes. Thus, it can be said there are many conditions in which the virus is spread among the population, and could last for days and weeks.

Signs and symptoms

Following are the signs and symptoms of the dengue fever.

1Sudden High Fever6Fatigue
2Severe Headache7Nausea
3Pain behind the eyes8Vomiting
4Severe Joint and Muscle pain9Skin Rash
5Mild Bleeding10Decreased level of consciousness

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