General Motors Technical Center India – Powertrain Engineering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Prabjot Nanua proud of the growing opportunities Technical Center General Motors Powertrain India engineering team, which he led. Since 2003, the engineers there, the capacity of the center is developing a reputation for GM to complete the high quality of design and analysis projects for other technical centers at a much lower cost. In areas such as tolerance stacking analysis, GMTCI-Powertrain is now the only place in the world that GM performed this type of work. Nanua thinking about the next stage of development for the center. If they "go deeper" and focus on the areas of technical competence, where the center has been developed a competitive advantage? GMTCI can become a center of knowledge for a narrower set of methods and possibilities, as they did in the tolerance of each other. Or they have to "go wide" and continue to lobby the headquarters for more complex tasks, which could ultimately lead to the program title to the entire car? Each scenario had different implications for how GMTCI fit into the network of service centers and corporate GM. If they had done the former, they may face a perception that GMTCI was limited back-office product analysis GM. But when Nanua put on his headquarters "hat", he thought that he should not be the priority of the corporation for them.
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by Willy Shih, William lawyer, Brian McIntosh, Helen Wang Source: Harvard Business School 11 pages. Publication Date: 02 April 2012. Prod. #: 612074-PDF-ENG

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General Motors Technical Center India – Powertrain Engineering

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