Four Season Goes To Paris Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Four seasons is a restaurant chain that is famous for their cultural adaptability regarding their establishment of the restaurant chain in different countries. The CEO says that he is a citizen of the world because of his diverse educational background. Four seasons is a good example of how an American hotel took care of people's values. They do it through creativity, cultivation, and sustainability of its organizational culture throughout every place the company explores business opportunities for its restaurant chain.

Currently the company is expanding its value chain in France with the hotel named George V and they have revamped the Hotel‘s management and cultural structure with the promise of proving themselves to be the number one company that copes with cultural difference issues. Analyst gives high emphasis to maintain an organizational culture so that the company would be able to achieve extraordinary growth and profitability consistently. However, here, the company’s culture is based on the application of two primary standards that cannot be compromised by the company at any cost. These rules are the rule of adaptability and firm abidance of Golden Rule that is if you want the customer to give you respect and sincerity then you must be the one to give him all these accessories first.

Now the company is changing its culture, according to the upfront local needs, however, at the same time it is maintaining its core values and service standards to satisfy customers. These standards are not only being made for the customers, but these are applicable on the service staff and employees as well with which the company sustains its hospitality.

To make sure  every employee adopts the service standards set by the company and strongly practice them to make the customer satisfied. This is because sharing the same customary promise helps to connect employees to one another. Therefore, these promises play an important role in creating a corporate culture. The company puts stress upon its valuable human resources by familiarizing The Golden Rule principle of give and take respect. The company wants a uniform behavioral expertise from all of its employees, whether they work in an American environment or French market.

The company highly emphasized on the selection of the workforce for which every potential candidate at the F.S. George V is being  cross-examined four times. So that Four Seasons got convinced that they had selected the employee with the right assertive behavior that best fits their organizational culture. The company has also maintained its sustainability by a comprehensive system of check and balance that monitors the organization from inside audit as well as from external evaluation methods.

The second half of the case study discusses the opportunities possessed by the company to establish George V in Paris. The company refurbished its restaurant’s building through the state of the art, fashion of the French legacy to attract customers. The company has also revamped its organizational hierarchical structure into the partial decentralized system. In which the employees will be empowered with certain rights that will increase their morale and dignity.

Main challenges in the European hotel business for luxury hotels like Four Seasons

For hotels like, Four-season, Europeans are the most demanding customers mainly the Italian and Germans. These are the customers who put high attention on the location of the hotel. Talking about the specification details given by the European customers such as Italians and Germans place certain prominence on the specific features, such as Internet access or the availability of lodgings for smokers. For British and Germans, the most important factor is the opportunity of recovery of their money if the booking is cancelled. However, the Spanish customers are more attentive for the room facility for their stay such as the availability of double beds in the double rooms.

Why did management not place one in Paris?

The most challenging part for four seasons was to create something new as well as also to maintain balance between its core values and trademark. The company wants to renovate its restaurant to provide domestic people a sense of being in a French restaurant that is present in American touch. For the purpose of renovation, the restaurant was being closed for about 24 months just to provide the customer a thought of searching the reason for their refreshing sensations. The most important question arises is that either four season’s management.......................

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