Quietly Brilliant: Transformational Change at HTC Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The company HTC was founded in 1997 by HT Cho and Cher Wang. The company has been renowned for its high technical features and innovations. HTC is also known as High Tech Computer Corporation. The company is a Taiwanese brand which is headquartered in Taoyuan. HTC has been well known for its touch screen smartphones where the company has looked to offer android phone versions. HTC started as original device manufacturer (ODM). Since its start, the company has looked to focus on innovation and new technology. To keep up with the customer expectations, HTC launched “Quietly Brilliant” where the company transformed itself. The move to shift to this technology has been a challenge because of the stiff smart phone environment. The brand value of HTC is estimated to be $3.6 billion which is even higher than brands such as Harley Davidson and Ferrari.

Problem Statement

The problem that has been identified in the case is that since HTC is looking to become a global firm from being a Taiwanese firm, it has to maintain and develop a global structure by building upon its culture and creating a balance between the western and eastern capabilities.


Kaleidoscope Model

To actually analyze the change in the company where HTC from being a Taiwanese company is basically looking to expand itself in the international or the global market. With this shift, the company will also have to look upon and even counter the various other changes as well. This will include the customer responses, human resource differences, cultural difference and demographic differences also. To further analyze the change management or the global context for HTC, the Kaleidoscope Model can be the right way to actually help the company accommodate and facilitate the change management at the company.


The idea for the company to enter itself in the global market is the right way to perform business because since iPhone and Samsung are the main rivals for HTC they have targeted the global market to increase sales revenue, it is necessary for HTC to compete with the rivals through long term strategic development.


The scope of HTC once it considers transforming or developing into a global firm then it will definitely change. This change within the culture, demographics, customer base will actually be a transformational change for the company because it is looking to broaden its scope and develop into a firm that is transforming its scope through a global context.


The basic aspect or the strength of the company where it has looked to innovate new features should be retained within the company. This means that the company should consider preserving and building upon the strengths of the company which is the strong leadership and innovation.

Alogn with this, HTC while entering the new market should also look to expand and bring in new designs. The element of the company which has been to bring in new designs has been a unique position for HTC. The company has considered hiring and training employees or the workforce which in the future will be the strength of the company. Keeping this in mind, the focus of the company should remain the strength and the change should be built upon it.


The global context of the company since the introduction of “Quietly Brilliant” idea has been to make sure that the company does look to advance and enter into new markets. Along with this, the idea of the company was to associate the main features of the company together, this included the hard working environment, aggression, risk taking, never say no attitude, etc. this basically means that the company should become a rival against the current existing rivals or to become a part of the global arena, HTC has made itself work upon the above set of skills and business culture.

The marketing and the Research &Development department of the company has also aligned itself with the cultural and the business rules and regulations. This means that the element of diversity is the positive feature of HTC which has basically facilitated the company to accept the changes.


The company with the introduction of the “Quietly Brilliant” concept has actually proved itself to be a competent market force where it can meet the capability to manage change and to compete with the different traditions of the smart phones industry...............................

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