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            This performance management report relates to the performance of the peer to peer program auditing for the Alberta Construction Association member companies that want to achieve the Certification of Recognition for the well maintained safety management programs in their organizations. The metrics that lead towards the attainment of the goals have also been identified and described in this report. Along with this, all the critical success factors of the peer to peer program auditing process have also been identified.

Transformation Process

            The transformational process could be seen in the transformational model diagram. The main inputs of this model or the process are the auditors, instructors, building, administrator, auditor analysts and equipment. On the other hand, the output that is generated is the certified companies that are created after the peer to peer audit process is completed. In order to monitor and keep track of this complete process, certain key metrics will have to be identified so that to ensure that the whole process is meeting all the key requirements to certify the companies.

Performance Management Report Case Solution

Key Metrics

            The key metrics that are useful here in this case in order to track and monitor the performance of the whole process are as follows:

  • The success of the peer to peer program auditing could be monitored by looking at the planning and the design of the audit program for the upcoming audit.
  • The auditing process would be smooth if stringent rules and regulations have been developed by the organization regarding its health and safety conditions.
  • The documentation of the audit process serves another important metrics to monitor and keep track of the whole audit process.
  • The most important things that should be documented are the membership criteria for the company, auditor training, peer to peer programming and all the requirements for the certifying body.
  • The auditor that is to perform the peer to peer audit must be a qualified auditor and also the full time employee. The auditor must have completed the four mandatory courses and their status should have been of an auditor each year.
  • The maintenance system is an important metric to analyze how well the maintenance requirements are being met by the auditors and the company.
  • The total QA review time is also an important metrics as this determines the status of the bidding and the certificate standing of the company.
  • The successful planning of the peer to peer program audit will also depend upon the availability of the course which in turn is going to have an impact upon the availability of the auditor and the eligibility of the company as one of the most important pre-requisite for this audit is a qualified audit.
  • The company that will take the role of the peer auditor needs to complete all the training requirements in order to participate in the Certification of recognition program in order to become the qualified auditor for the company.
  • The COR department also plays an important role in ensuring that the audit has been conducted with full honesty and integrity and then they complete the QA reviews and if there are no outstanding corrections to be corrected then the results are sent to the EWCB along with the request for the certificate. This step monitors the depth of the audit that has been performed.
  • Another important metric is the delay in the audit program that is caused by the company when the company does not present itself with a complete profile. This impacts significantly over the scope of the audit, therefore, the delay in getting the required information about the company is one of the important metrics to assess.
  • The total time required from one company’s audit to the other company’s audit, for the program registration, QA reviews, site assessment and the classes is also an important control metrics that ensures the smooth flow of the peer to peer program audit.
  • The time limits that have been set which ensure that the process is working successfully are 2 weeks for audit reviews, 1 week for site assessment and 2 to 3 weeks for the certificates. If the whole audit takes place within these time limits then it could be seen as the successful process performance.
  • If the time limits are exceeded from the above mentioned limits then it could be said that the process if not performing well and that it is also not predictable, repeatable and stable. ............................

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