FormPrint Ortho500 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

FormPrint Ortho500 Case Solution  


 Form Print is a 3d printer manufacturer which was founded by an engineer in 1998. Form Print is a premature player in 3d modeling industry and one of the five companies in region for 3d orthopedic printing systems. Its major focus is health-care (comprises of auditory, orthopedic and dental) industry having a wide range of products under five different product lines. Customers pay a premium price for the company's products that are high in quality and technically advanced in comparison with other competitors. The company divided its health-care unit into 5 divisional heads. One head was responsible for the operations outside USA (Asia and Europe) while the other four led units in the US.  Form Print estimated the global market for 3d printing health-care industry about $235 millions, that will be 75% of us market in 2013. Form Print planned to launch new orthopedic line of product for of outpatient orthopedic physician, who look for lower-priced 3D exoskeletal printers. The healthcare users have increasing demands for lower-priced products in the non-hospital market. Thus, keeping in mind this new market demand and a great potential for a new product line, Form Print’s management decided to launch ortho500. Ortho500 was set as a low price, smaller in size and easy to use product for outpatient orthopedic clinics and smaller hospitals. Ortho500 was scheduled to get underway in 2014. Its simple interface would enable technicians to operate by their own.


“The main issue for Form Printer is how should they markets its latest product,the ortho500 orthopedic 3D printing system in the market”

3D printing industry is moving towards low-end budget products for Small scale users, as there is a need for Form print to enter this segment by launching Ortho500. The task of sales and marketing will be a great issue, keeping in mind the factors such lower costs and higher efficiency. They have to decide if the task would be assigned to internal sales force or Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs) or a hybrid effort.  If they fail to gain the most market share in exoskeleton bracing in year 2014, then the company will be facing big downfall in its medical-care division. This report focuses on exploring recommendation and conclusion that can be profit maximizing efforts for Ortho500. The problem is to analyze the success rate of Ortho500 in the current market uncertainty and challenging environment.


Form Print merely focuses on launching those products that satisfy the customers and maintain their position in the health care industry. The organization produces products for auditory, dental and orthopedic use. However, the company’s latest product Ortho 500, 3D printing system prints cast, brace, and custom Exoskeleton orthopedic splints imitated the patient’s body. Moreover, the total cost of 3D printer is $68000 and its target audience is outpatient headquarters across the US. Therefore, the main objective of the company is to capture the international market and expand its business globally as the company wants to maintain its stable position in the market economy. On the other hand, as per the analysis the company came to know that in the upcoming year the price for 3D printer will be decreased in international market by 2010.

As a result, the organization identified that the product for individuals or small bath run decreased the cost of the product because of cheap labor. However, the technological advancement created strong competition among the competitors and also reduced price and high quality product created demands for product and increase competition. Therefore, the organization decide to launch its product in lower price for hospitals and orthopedic patients’ clinic. The main reason for decreasing the price of the product was to get a large audience and to increase its market share. Therefore, the group announced that they will launch their products in the starting of 2014. .........................

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