Transformational Gaming: Zynga’s Social Strategy (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The B instance of this three-case series outlines how Mark Pincus, with help from his sister Laura Hartman, started to implement his new brand of social strategy. Initial steps contained two ventures: (1) Zynga's YoVille as well as the San Francisco SPCA; and (2) Mafia Wars and the Huntington's Disease Society of America. A new application within Zynga was created:, which may focus on international issues and the techniques to handle them.

Its initial project, in partnership with the Zynga’s widely popular Farm Ville, was a technique in which the users could buy "Sweet Seeds for Haiti." Through FarmVille, Zynga would contribute 50% of all profits from the selling of these seeds to two Haiti-based causes: Fonkoze and FATEM (a financing initiative and an educational and school-meals plan, respectively). In the year 2010,’s unrelenting resolve to emerge, with regular bumps along the way when Zynga encountered poor press and unfavorable focus.

Transformational Gaming Zynga's Social Strategy (B) Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about COMMUNICATION

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Transformational Gaming: Zynga’s Social Strategy (B)

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