Pahalwan: Need for a new marketing strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Pahalwan: Need for a new marketing strategy Case Study Solution

Short Term Plan (0-1 Years)

During the initial period of implementing the market development strategy, the company will open new stores in the areas with high density of customer footfall. Such as train stations, tourist areas, so to make it a delicacy of Jammu. In addition, it will also initiate the online delivery service, incorporating the Facebook, instagram and the websites to fully cater the customers effectively. The company during this period will promote the pages and the website by using Facebook IQ an Advertisement to reach the end customers effectively.

Mid-Term Plan (2 – 5 Years)

During the mid-term plan, the company will increase the shop locations in the northern areas and will hire the additional staff to carry the operations effectively. In addition to this, during this period, the company will incarses its product portfolio, by increasing the product line, such an introduction of non-veg, or gluten free foods. Also, during this period, it will also launch its Customer loyalty program, and will also utilize its customer information to launch the new product within the traditional and new ranges of food.

Long Term Plan (5-10 years)

Under the Long term plan, the company will introduce the extended markets services, such as the delivery services to the home and the creating service for the different occasion. In doing so, it will create alliances with the logistic company to manage the delivery and will also bring the local cooks so to maintain the careering services along with the quality of the food.

Lastly, in the long term, the Pahalwan will focus on developing a band image. In doing so, it will develop a uniform ambiance and environment of the Pahalwan Shops along with the proper sitting areas for the Dine-In so to delight the customer with exquisite service and maintain a  top of mind position in the mind of the customer, perhaps, opening the gateways for the global business strategy in the future.



SWOT Analysis

  • The business has strong presence in the Jammu market.
  • It has strong and significant market share.
  • The shop has strong financial resources, allowing it to pursue different growth strategies efficiently.
  • It has sustained brand positioning in the mind of the customer.
  • The shop has local brand awareness, making it a less attractive place for young generation.
  • The name is not catchy.
  • It has low focus on the Marketing its products through marketing tactics
  • It has significant opportunity to enter into other northern areas of the India, with high customer footfall.
  • It has the opportunity to open up new shops in tourist points.
  • It may diversify the business to initiate the catering service in different occasions
  • PDH faces strong threat from the MNCs, that have viable brand image and presence in the market and has high investment in marketing strategies that attract most of the customer base easily.
  • It faces substantial threat from the Local players, that re offering the similar products in the market.

Value Proposition

The company offer high quality tasty sweets and snacks in the market. Since it has been established a long time ago, it has significant value proposition of understanding the taste and culture of Jammu, allowing it to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Secondary market research main findings

  1. The customers are switching towards the other MNCs products, such as burgers, pizza and other snacks.
  2. The Local competition is increasing in the market.
  3. The trend for online shopping is increasing due to the technological advancement.
  4. The online sales for Pahalwan is increasing.


Buying Behavior Analysis

  1. The customers are looking for gluten free snacks.
  2. The buying behavior is shifting towards consuming the International brand.
  3. The brand image is playing a strong role in deriving the customers towards purchase.
  4. They are looking to try different non-veg items and sugar free snacks and sweets to match the lifestyle.
  5. The online purchase is becoming a significant trend in the market, making customer to make online purchases..........


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