Fitbit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the successful inception of Fitbitin the US market in 2006.Since from the initiation, the company gained substantial market share and sales due to high customer adaptability and alignment with the markettrend.

Since from 2006, the trend to adoptthe healthylifestyle emerged in the market, Fitbit capitalized the market opportunityby being the fit moverinthe US market. Though thecompanygained substantialmarketshare in US market, howeverthe growing competition from the Apple and Xiaomi shrink the market share and caused the Fitbitto drop thesales in the particular periodby 25%.

In addition Fitbit faces other key issues that are threatening the strategic position of Fitbit in themarket.Such. includes the pursuance of the premium and differentiatingbusiness strategy in the market that in future might be adoptedby apple watch. In addition since the Xiaomi mi-Bands are covering the low end of the market, Fitbit has to decide on the market strategyandtargetmarket strategy to develop the sustainability of the offerings in the long term.\

Fitbit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lastly, the global market of Fitness and wellnessis getting saturated due to toomany playersentering in to the markets, easy market entry, low barriers to setup and also the presumably low cost of acquiring particular technology. Such is giving the rise to the high bargaining power odf the customer due to availability of other alternatives. Such issues may incur the need for the company to look for other market opportunities in pursuing the product development strategy so to sustain in the long term.

Keywords:  Competitive Edge, Sustainability, Chronic-diseases, Health management, Obesity.


Fitbit Strategy and Six factors\

Fitbit from the initiation, adopted the differentiationstrategy in which it kept the core focustowards the ease and convenience of the customers along withthemaintenance of the lifestyle thathas recently emerged in the market.

In doing so, under thestructure factor of the company, Fitbit increased its adaptability with majority of the IOS and windowphones. Such allowed the company to greatly penetrate into the market and generate greatadaptiontowards the Fitbitbrand and result in high sales and interactionyouth the brand.Though such move posited the risk of depending on IOs and Google to include the application in the play store, however, the great drive of the customers to use the Fitbit as the ultimate choice for fitness and lifestyle managementspressurizes the developers to include the application in the store.

Also, under the consumers factor, the company targetedthe consumerspursuing for the healthy lifestyle management.It focused to offer the consumers a fitness platform, that monitors, manages and aligns the activities of the consumer with the fitness platform, resulting in greatsynchronization of both ends, leading to conveniences, and high elevated addition, the company also analyzed thetrend and consumer psychographic,.......................................

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