Knight Riders Digital Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Knight Riders Digital Venture Case Study Solution


The case illustrates shift in the business and corporate strategy of the Knight Rider Newspaper, which initially started by offering the services of Newspaper in the US market. It is one of the top well circulate newspaper of US, mainly due to the increasing trend of newspaper reading and Subscriptions in USA.However, due to the technological boom in the industry, the company vested its business functions into digital paradigm.So, it became one of the few startup that taped the digital world,to offer the news through the digital channel.In current scenario, the company mainly operates under two divisions, namely Knight Rider newspaper and Knight Rider Digital (KRD).The newspaper divisions caters the market through the distribution and updating of news to the consumer, while the digital aspect of the business caters the online interest and online publishing activities.

Knight rider has expanded its business footprint, by acquiring different news agencies, to expand its horizon and increase its market share.That offer it the competitive advantage in the market. It consists of 32 daily newspaper in 28 markets, and constitutes 82% of the total revenues through newspaper business. However, after the technological burst the revenues have declined, which have posited the company with the threat of dilution of market image. Under such circumstances, the new CEO of company has to decide a plan. A strategy to make KRD profitable.Along with the sustainability of the newspaper division, with sustainable profits in the fourth quarter.

Knight Riders Digital Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Knight rider is a newspaper agency, which have made it self the top new paper agency.Mainly, due to its content and vivid distribution of newspaper.Over the period of time, the company have evolved, and included the services of engraving customer data into the business.To outline its future strategy in the market. Since, newspaper market greatly relies on the number of advertisement, the understanding of customer base and development of wide channel, are the key components of KRD competitive advantage.Due, to the increasing trend of digital marketing and digitization of business activities, KRD has initiated its business in digital landscape.Where it utilized the key existing human resources to fulfill the purpose. However, the decision does not go well, as the mindset and vision of the newspaper departments is far different from digital department.Hence, a new hiring process has to be devised in order to fulfil the organization need, and also channel the right resources at the right place.

The market has become quite competitive, due to the emergence of digital technology.Which has reduced the need for physical newspaper, and increase the demand for online content. Since, revenues have largely declined the physical newspaper business.The creation of a PDF copy of the newspaper, will require the company to incur additional cost in hiring the additional staff, along with development of the website. Under such circumstances, the stance of the company can be analyzed, by using Porter 5 Forces model.Which states and outlines, the external forces that shapes and frames the KRD business.........................

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