How are the principles of liberal democracy reflected in Canada’s system of government and politics? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Liberal Democracy

Democracy refers to the form of government in which the representatives of the democracy operate under the principal of the classical liberalism.It includes the fairand competitive elections between two parties, in the different branches of the government, catering the equal protection of thehumanrights, rule of law in everyday life, crucial rights, libertiesand political freedom of all type of people living within in a country.Moreover, such system refers to the development of the constitution, either written or orally communicated so to define power of the government.

Basically, evaluating the democrat is a crucial part of the government. There aren’t any clear metrics that could measure whether the government ruling is purely democratic or is governed under mixed laws.There is always a competing concept between democracy and what is truly right for the citizens.Such factors though shift the extent of democracy, and create the counterpart; however, it doesn’t totally shift the overall principals of democracy.Perhaps, the term democracy is understood under different context by different governments.Some prefer that the total inclusioile the other school of thought refers democracy as the inclusion of the citizen to a limited level of different criteria of the government. (Todd, 2017)

How are the principles of liberal democracy reflected in Canada’s system of government and politics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Infact, under the perspective of two schools of thought, some prefer democracy to be fully expanded in the market, from judges to the offices.On the other hand, the other school of thought prefers the democracy under the controlled expansion in the country,as they believe that too much democracy leads to poor markets and overall out comes join the country level.

Under the principal of the liberal democracy, basically, it refersto the form of government in which the decision making is concentrated to the rule of law, and is usually moderated by the constitution that emphasis on the protection of human rights and freedom.It also entails the balance between the majority and the minorities and also sets up the level to which the majority can impose the pressure on the minority in terms of setting up the laws (Vance, 2016).

Also, the liberal principals indicate the protection of the right through due process, property and privacy right, along with the equality rights offered to the citizen above the law.It also incorporates the freedom of speech in assembly and the practice of the selected religion.In majority of the times, the liberalism guarantees the rights of the citizen through the constitution, or in some cases is guaranteed by the statuary law or case.

Another principal of the liberal democracies is tolerance and pluralism with widely shared political views that are supported or even rejected by the other political parties. Infact, under the given principals of democracy and liberalism even the extreme view of the parties can be shared, with respect to the situation and disagreement.

How the System Works?

The system of Canadian parliament is democratic and open. It includes the citizens’ opinions and makes sure that the proposed laws truly represent the citizens’concerns.

Under the Canadian parliament system, there are three parts, including the Queen, the Senate and the House of Commons. These three bodies have different roles and responsibilities that make up the bigger role in the liberal party or democracy............

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How are the principles of liberal democracy reflected in Canada’s system of government and politics?

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