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Firewall is protection of the network, and system from being hacked, or attacked by the authorized person or company for purpose of using the information on the servers. Many companies are under cyber-attack, and success probability of an attack is 1.2. Similarly, an average loss of an attack is $130,000. So, it is concern for many companies and government organizations to protect their systems, and network from the cyber-attack while savings and avoiding overinvestment. So, the first firewall option is attractive as compared to second alternative option given that option one has more savings, and it is more reliable, and effective since second option would be overinvestment. So, first option is effective and efficient that gives savings, and provides fastest and most reliable firewall. Furthermore, it is can be determined that Network security product is effective for the company given that it provides most reliable security services for prevention and cyber-attacks, and protects systems, networks from unauthorized access.


The firewall refers to protect a system or network from being accessed by unauthorized person, a hacker or an attacker.The cyber-attacks are attempted in order to damage the data available, and steal the data for marketing purposes. There are many organizations, companies, governments that are under constant attack each year. There is high probability that hacking attack would be successful anywhere around the world. Meanwhile, attacks can be classified as government to government, corporate to corporate, and by attackers intended to be criminals that hijack systems or networks and ask for huge amount of money from companies.

Many companies, organizations, and governments suffer from the cyber-attack each year and each attack gives an average loss of $130,000. Furthermore, there are many alternative solutions available for securing the systems and networks. Investing in firewalls seems a better option.But, this is a concern that how should investment be made into the firewalls given that there are too many options for companies to choose from. So, what are the best options available to company to avoid overinvestment and ensure the security of systems, networks from possible cyber-attacks?

Firewall Analysis Harvard Case Study Analysis Solution


The firewall is one important option for the companies, organizations, and governments to consider because it protects the system from cyber-attacks. However, irrespective of the firewall investment there would be threat of the attack, but the probability of the success of attacks would decline significantly, and losses to the systems, and organization would beminimized from to (1-P). The average success probability of an attack is 1.2 but after firewall the probability of the attack would be at minimum but with an insignificant decrease. Therefore, it is concern for the companies, organizations, and governments that how should they analyze the investment proposal ensuring correct investment, and avoiding any cyber-attack.......................................

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