Fall Before Rising: The Story of Jai Jaikumar (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is the relationship between happiness and professional success, and a moral obligation to other people? Jai Jaikumar, who in his youth was rescued by a woman shepherd after a tragic accident in mountaineering in the Himalayas, and who later rose to the top of their profession, believes that happiness, success and liabilities are necessarily and inevitably linked. This case describes Jai understanding of the moral implications of his salvation, and of particular importance for subsequent professional success and the final appointment as a professor at the Harvard Business School. As a teacher, Jai has called each of his disciples to ask the questions that he asked himself: How are you so far in life, and what it means, if anything, for your duties to the other "hidden
? by H. Kent Bowen, by Richard Squire, Sarah Vickers-Willis, Garry Wilson, 2 pages. Publication Date: Mar 03, 2000. Prod. #: 600048-PDF-ENG

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Fall Before Rising: The Story of Jai Jaikumar (B)

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