Endeca Technologies: New Growth Opportunities Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Steve Papa, CEO of Endeca Technologies, have to decide whether to expand into a new market with a new application of technology of the company. Endeca has experienced great success with its software to access information in online retail, and in September 2004, is on the verge of similar industries with similar products. However, it also faces the possibility of creating unique solutions for the manufacturing industry, the company's market does not know much about, and that was hard to get in the past. What strategy should the Pope to choose? Despite the production market will give a much higher average transaction size, considerable uncertainty surrounding a departure from the core business of Endeca's. It would affect the company's sales practices, organizational structure, product requirements, and decisions on how to collaborate with other companies in this field. Taylor Hunt Industries, Fortune 500 giants in manufacturing, Endeca just asked to send the request for proposals -. Due in just 10 days "Hide
by Paul A. Gompers, Christine A. Perry Source: Harvard Business School 20 pages. Publication Date: April 24, 2006. Prod. #: 206041-PDF-ENG

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Endeca Technologies: New Growth Opportunities

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