E-comics: Forecasting Demand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

An entrepreneur from India decided to start his own venture in 2012, to develop mobile applications that supported interactive comic content, as he had already spent few years in the industry. This e-comics innovation, TodTales, would comprise of interactive games, augmented reality, and music in a comic book format that would attract young children to read.
He gathered the sources of funding for the start up from his own and his partner’s personal resources, along with an angel investor. The pilot project yielded the positive outcomes in Mumbi, where a focus group study was conducted with parents. He has the expectations that he would make this prototype commercially viable by the end of 2014. His next step was to attract the potential investors through convincing them that his idea was going to mark a tremendous growth regionally and globally. Authors, Gaurav Thapar and Mala Srivastava have the affiliation with NMIMS University.

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E-comics: Forecasting Demand

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