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LFG reorganizes its company in order to improve customer intimacy. Nevertheless, to execute the strategy, they have to effect substantial changes in the skills of their salespeople. This case series straddles human resource management, business strategy, and sales management by exploring the link in between a shift in the company's overall technique (consumer intimacy), the structural implementation of this technique in the form of the creation of a brand-new distribution business and, lastly, the improvement of the selling method through skills assessment and advancement. The (A) case describes the firm's tactical position as the "producer" of three primary line of product - annulities, insurance, and shared funds - which they offer to banks, broker/dealers, and independent organizers. Most of their consumers have just among these items 'on the rack.' In 2000, they produce Lincoln Financial Distributors (LFD) which will be responsible for the wholesaling of all these items.

The case ends by asking the trainees to (a) respond to this concept and (b) formulate a prepare for its application. Merely taking salesmen away from their item group and real estate them side-by-side with other salespeople selling other products is not likely to produce real client intimacy. Wes Thompson, LFD's President and Kim Miner, the Human Resources VP, carry out a sweeping effort where they create a "proficiency model," denoting exactly what they desire their salesmen to be proficient at, reviewing the sales force on these proportions, and then hiring or making preparations in order to obtain where they wish to be. The (B) case supplies rich detail of the model, the evaluation technique and the results of the assessments. As the (C) case lays out, the results are sensational in terms of their relationships as well as from a financial point of view. The (C) then ends by providing a method for "Act II" substantially broadening the variety of salespeople at LFD.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 15, 2008 PRODUCT #: 513S24-HCB-SPA

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Lincoln Financial Group (A), Spanish Version

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