Dupont (B): Alliances for Total Gain Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Now, DuPont has successfully developed and delivered services that will enhance the customer experience of buying carpet, Jim Carr, marketing manager for Europe, for the Fibre Division of DuPont, a new problem: how to re-evaluate ties throughout the distribution channel carpet? Relations in the chain, as in many other circuits industry was largely adversarial, each member to strengthen its part of the whole, even if it meant a threat to the integrity as a whole. DuPont will now play a leading role in meeting the needs of end-users were greeted everyone in the channel, no matter how far removed. And DuPont, although further removed, also had something to lose if something goes wrong, the company has been investing hundreds of millions of Swiss francs in fiber R & D, but if these efforts were distributed to others in the chain, they will fall flat. Carr thus launched a system of customer alliances for common benefit. Who would these customers be? What were the selection criteria? How would they make it cost-effective? How would they change people's attitudes and behavior? Were on top of the agenda Carr. "Hide
by Sandra Vandermerwe, Marika Taishoff Source: IMD 9 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 1993. Prod. #: IMD051-PDF-ENG

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Dupont (B): Alliances for Total Gain

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