Delta Electronics: Corporate Branding Integration Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Delta Electronics, was established in Taipei, Taiwan usually to cater domestic clients for making TV coils and electronic components. By 2012, through plant growths and diversification, joint ventures and acquisitions, it had evolved into a global leader in power electronics along with a world class pioneer in many fields of the industry, with an emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives and environmental protection. It'd offices in Taiwan factories in Mexico, Thailand, China, India and Slovakia, the United States, Switzerland and Japan; and customers in the United States, Japan, China, Europe and emerging markets such as India, Russia and Brazil.

In the beginning the company comprised of several plants, all with their own logo and branding strategy.

Later on the company developed into a divisional structure, however its branding practice remained broken into more than 30 business divisions. Starting in 2010, the company initiated the policy to centralize marketing and branding communications in its head office. Surprisingly, its centralization policy didn't confront opposition from mainly autonomous business units, but nonetheless, it sold some consumer gadgets under a completely distinct brand name, completely unlinked to company. Should the head office contain such consumer brands under the corporate umbrella brand?


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