Case Analysis: Hyflux Limited and Water Sustainability-Treading Blue Oceans Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis: Hyflux Limited and Water Sustainability-Treading Blue Oceans Case Solution

1          Hyflux Strategy

The vision of the company is to be the world’s leading water Treatment Company. Therefore, the company has developed a 3 pronged strategy to reach its mission. The company is working closely on differentiation and producing its offerings in-house which give it numerous ways to differentiate its products from its competitors. Finally, the company also drives international growth strategy through which the company enters in profitable ventures across the globe. Moreover, the company is working very well since, in the environment of intense competition and where the buyer have a significant power to bargain, the company is still profitable and not only profitable but its showing growth from past several years.

Moreover, the company also follows “Broad Differentiation Strategy” which allows it to follow the track of differentiation and to keep its offerings diversified. Moreover, the company also uses customization which allows it to meet specific needs of its customers. Finally, it can be said that the business of the company and majority of its revenue depends on its Membrane Technology (MT).

2          Effectiveness of the Strategy

The strategy of the company is giving tremendous and extraordinary results since, the strategy allows the company to take first mover advantage, it also increases the quality of the offerings while increase the number of customers. Furthermore, the strategy also allows the company to save costs and increase its margins by keeping competitive pricing. Moreover, the company has several strategic alliances which allow it to operate its business more efficiently and effectively.

2.1        First Mover Advantage

The company differentiates its products on continuous basis and for this purpose the company readily identified the MT and purified water need which allowed it to take the first mover advantage. Furthermore, by taking this advantage the company became the industry leader. Furthermore, the company also leapfrogs towards the latest technology which increases the risk of obsolete technology but also increase the chance to take first mover advantage.

2.2        Quality and Cost Saving

The company usually differentiates its products as of the competitors which give it an advantage to improve the quality of its products. Furthermore, the company differentiates its offerings by focusing on process application; reduce production time and quality of the product. For these initiatives the company has been awarded several times including the quality award ISO 9001 and ISO 2000.

2.3        In-House Production and Process Development

The company produces and upgrades its membrane technology In-house which allows it to discourage the involvement of the subcontractors and also enables it to customize its offering as per the need, furthermore, it also allow the company to better control the raw material and also keep its secrets with it. In addition, this technique also reduces the turnaround the time and make a synergy among its primary value chain.

2.4        R&D and Technological Alliances

The company has an outstanding R&D culture which allows it to identify the need of customers before them. Furthermore, the company also uses the most updated technology to stay updated and competitive. Additionally, the company also makes strategic alliances with technology companies to keep its system more efficient and competitive.

2.5        Competitive Pricing

The In-House production, strong R&D and strategic alliance enable the company to reduce the cost of its parts and end product. Therefore, the company is able to compete successfully in the market while providing the most efficient products at most competitive prices which cannot be readily matched by rivals..............

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Case Analysis: Hyflux Limited and Water Sustainability-Treading Blue Oceans

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