(Hospital Software Solutions) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 01:

What are the motivational needs behind the actions of Natalie AND Worthington?

Answer:In the given HSSs Case, (Hospital Software Solutions), the actions between Natalie & April Worthington would clearly be justified by following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, related to Human Motivations. (Huitt, 2007)

MotivationalNeeds behind the Actions of Natalie & Worthington:
Following are the basic organizational needs which have to be achieved by Natalie to get her desired designation into the organization and by reformulating her personality according to the demands of the position that is offered by her governing authorities and her bosses, also the motivational needs of Worthington are mentioned hereby:

§  Physiological Needs:

The physiological needs are the most essential needs in a routine life, but when it comes to any company, organization and professional career building.
-Natalie: The physiological needs are more patient and considerable like in this case, the newly hired employee, Natalie who is really ambitious, concerned and a hardworking employee of hospital, working on HSS asherNeed was not fully fulfilled when she accepted the job of a customer care team lead instead of project manager. In addition, being far from her co-workers decreased the fulfillment of her basic psychological needs.
-Worthington:She is working in the organization since ten years and she got enough experience to work on any project and case, in any situation. Worthington was a hardworking, determinant and highly decorated worker at the organization and she has just returned from her leave.

(Hospital Software Solutions) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


§  Security and Safety:

It means there is no threat to the employee or to their family and neither is there any financial threat either acutely by firing or in the future, through absence of a retirement package.
-Natalie: In Natalie’s situation, the following are the alarming points for her instability:Feeling of losing achance of a good future job in Ottawa because of her bad reputation in the small information technology community in Ottawa and ultimate feeling of loss of the current job.Fear of detection of her mistakes in the qualification conditions that needed to be fulfilled for assuring her position.
-Worthington: Worthington told Natalie that, sometimes we have to do the things we don’t want to do really. This statement of her clearly shows that she have full confidence towards her own position and strategy to work but Natalie was unpleased with the designation which she was placed on. In this way, Worthington explains Natalie the safety and security of her job by doing her potential hard work and make the firm her first priority by doing all the assigned tasks and projects efficiently and happily. This way, she also can get the chances of promotion like Worthington.

§  Affiliations:

Natalie: It means that people have the urge to be accepted by others and to feel the sense of love and belonging in the team and in the workplace, the employee would feel as if they are a part of the team,  in the HSS, the situation is as follows:MacLachlan’sconcern was the Project Manager Positionfor which, she believed to be fit due to her personality and she was forced to accept the Customer Care Team Lead position to not lose the job opportunity and at the arrival to her workplace, her supervisor was confused about her rules and what todo with her, which lead to assigning her menial tasks (data entry), which disappointed MacLachlan. Furthermore, there were no supervisors to train her as well...............

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