Deloitte Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part: I

  • Deloitte offers multiple services in the field of Audit, taxation, risk, financial advisory, consultancy and legal matters. It has a vast array of servicesrelated to accounting and finance.It has been the top performingcompany in 2015 with revenues exceeding 13067 million. The company has a large hierarchy with maximum concentration IT, HR and Accounting department.The three main practices of Delliotte are
  • Human resourceenrichment- to ensure it has the pool of right talent which it could utilize in any turbulent situation. Whilealso to maintain and retain the existing employees, becauseemployees and their skills are the core important elements of the company’s success.
  • Innovation-theCompany practices innovation, which is why it continually look for methodsandtechniques that couldreduce the discrepancy on one system and a technique which reduces the cost in future. The company believes in being a disruption in the market and thusadopts change easily while also sustain it for a longer time.
  • Strategy and Operations- the company aims to help itsemployees with complexproblemsand thus look and searches for a better solution in the field if accounting and finance. The company believe that sine time is passing and there is need to be more efficient in offering the service to the client, the company has to take good measurers to facilitatetheoperationsthus easing the path of solving complex problem. In doing so, the company adopts on regular internal new softwares andsystems that could make the functions efficient and less difficult.In addition, with passing time and increasing number of operations and functions, the company seeks to integrate the departments so to avoid any kind of discrepancy and for that its employees multiple software’s to do the job.
  • The company offers multiple services in the field of accounting and Audit. The major operations lies in the Audit and financial advisory, which requires great analysis and strong book keeping in order to offer a reliableand exact audit or financial solution. The company though offers other services too like taxationand legal advisers, yet it is known as the top accounting firm.

Deloitte Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In order to sustain in the turbulent market, the company seeks to adopt and innovateitself. The aim works in two ways, first it want to make problems easier for its employees by eliminating the hurdle andcomplexities of the problem, while on other hand, urges to cater the clients by offering an exact, correct analysis and financial solution in efferent way with strong in order to cater the mission and goal of the company, Delliotte employed fresh books software, which landed the market in 2016.The system offers a unifiedintegrated book-keeping system which keeps a real time, timetracking which enables the company to manage its time allocated to the project. Thesystemnotifies the management, the executiveworking o the systemand the supervisor about the deadlines .Thisenables the company to keep thetrack of work and also helps in keeping the important client in loop, without the dependence on assistant to notify the addition the software offers easy invoicing, which helps it to managethe clients on the very same platform bacsue it incorporates.........................

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