Beer Game: Board Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Beer game exercise that demonstrates the dynamics of the approach channel. Simulates the flow of materials and information in a simplified channel beer production and distribution, focusing on the connection between the brewer and its distributors, wholesaler, and retailer. Students together in teams of four, each assigned to ordering and inventory control for one company in the channel. In this simplified channel orders only information allowed to flow among channel members. Despite the simplicity of modeling, most of the teams are extremely difficult to maintain inventory and shortage costs. The instructor can work with students to understand the nature of the problems they are experiencing, identify the causes and discuss possible remedies. 90-minute exercises play on game boards that are available in the community of Dynamics (518-442-3865). "Hide
by Janice H. Hammond 9 pages. Publication Date: June 13, 1994. Prod. #: 694104-PDF-ENG

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Beer Game: Board Version

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