Ford Fiesta Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ford Fiesta Case Solution


Appraise Ford’s marketing strategy for the Fiesta in the U.S. against the challenges it seeks to overcome.


The US automotive industry is highly penetrated with a number of giant player in operating in the industry and fighting over the market share. The industry has players in the industry who have been operating in the industry over a long time span and they enjoy a strong history in the territory and have strong customer base respectively. The marketing strategy adopted by the company adequately helped it in communicating with the consumers’ needs and the target market of the company. The marketing campaign carried out by the company was highly successful and significantly helped the company in attaining their desired objectives with respect to their launched product. Through their affective marketing techniques the company was able to gain high volume of customer traffic and participation through their social media outlets. Ford also experienced an increase in their sales of Ford Fiesta as they were successful in delivering the desired message to the audience and it was well perceived by the audience. Communication through the marketing activities was sufficient for the company to gain a higher customer base and increased market share in the product category. The objective of the company was more towards attaining business outcomes rather than social outputs. The company was very credible and careful while crafting and carrying out the campaign as they had set a specific and measurable goal.


How is the Fiesta Movement performing by the metrics reported in the case? Should other metrics have been used?


With its newly introduced feature in its car, the company has been successful in identifying the transforming needs of the market and has effectively capitalized on it by catering to the unmet and unknown needs of the consumer that exist in the US automotive industry. The company’s performance in the industry has been successful in supporting the company’s objective of increasing the business outcomes and enhancing the organizational performance of the company. The matrix currently being used by the company has been sufficiently supporting the activities of the company and helping them grow their market share in the highly competitive US industry. Ford does not need to make amendments to its matrix as it is performing accurately as expected by the company. Social networking sites have been effectively utilized by the company as they realized the potential that resides in such means of communication with consumer of the target market. Ford currently does not need to adapt to any other matrixes for achieving their organizational objectives. The market needs and trends are ever transforming and the needs of the consumers are never the same, however in the future the company might be required to make modifications in its strategy as it might be required to cater to different and transformed needs....................

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