Clear Water Sea Foods Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clear Water Sea Foods Case Solution


Worldwide commercial fishers harvested 158 million metric tons of fish. However, there are two types of harvesting. Both are commercial but one fishing is known as ocean fishing, and second is known as the aquaculture fishing. Similarly, the fishing industry is one of unimportant industry regarding economics, also by nutrition as well.

However, the maintenance of sustainable fishery was necessary, whereas the over fishing has many adverse consequences on the industry and environment. Hence, the government has taken various initiatives to limit the fishing in the country to avoid the consequence that country has suffered recently.

However, the Clear water Seafood also has the concern of the sustainable fisheries in the country that was crucial for the whole industry. Meanwhile, the company had positioned its products throughout the world as quality products. Whereas the customer was ready to pay a premium for the products.

Furthermore, the increasing complexity in the market regarding unavailability sea species had created major problems for the company to grow in the market. Whereas the company has good product line and customer base, but to approach all of them with the products they like had become a major challenge for the company.

Core Issues

  • Sustainable Fishing: It is majoritarianism for the company to tackle in the industry.
  • Consistent Quality: The quality of product, size, shape, and taste was important for the customer.
  • Constrained Product line: The Company has constrained product line to allocate catch among various retailers.

Challenges/ Problems

  • Maintenance of Sustainable and Productive Fishery.
  •  By-catch dies in process yearly on an average of 22% around 4.76 million tons throughout the world.
  • Illegal or unregulated fishing. Over fishing played major role in the collapse of Cod in 1992 known as the tragedy of commons.


The company has the strategy of maintaining the customer relationships and wanting customers to consider the quality instead of the price of the products. Hence, Customer who is quality conscious is also ready to pay 30% premium over the products of the company. Similarly, the company should have the same strategy in the market along with its initiatives towards the fishing industry, and scientific research to avoid the by-catch and over fishing.


Create innovative products

The company can focus on the whole market and based on its customer base; it should provide the new customer-driven fishery products in the market.As it has recently discovered to keep lobsters through new technology, or separating the body of lobster while retaining the meat. Similarly, the company should focus on the market and bring some innovative products that are purely customer driven.

Investment in Scientific Research & adopt new technology

The company should increase its scientific research to avoid the by-catch of the sea animals that reduces the productivity naturally and is also threat to the ecosystem as well. Similarly, when the company would have sufficient knowledge, then it could take proper steps towards the sustainable fishing, and increased productive as well.

Question 1

The depletion of the world fishery stock is due to the illegal or unregulated fishing practices in the oceans. However, according to the reports published by U.S Fishery pointed that 22% around 4.76 million fishes dies around the world due to the by-catch. Similarly, the sustainable fishing is also concern around the world and is unregulated fishing, and there are no limits on the fishing.

Clear Water Sea Foods Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Unregulated fishing, without limit on fisheries, and by-catch has depleted the stock of fishery around the world.Consequently, the by-catch is concern that has contributed to depletion after the unsustainable fisheries around the world. However, the by-catch is the process by which the Fisher target specific animals in the sea, but in the process, many other targeted animals die as well. Whereas the unsustainable fishing refers to unlimited fishing that creates further complexity in the industry..............

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