Fisk Alloy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Fisk Alloy Case Solution


Fisk Alloy is a corporation started by two Brother Fisk and Eric. It is a privately owned wire mill with facilities in Hawthorne, NJ and NY. The business operates on the advancement of the copper worse and copper alloys for electronic elements and conductors. The initial starting of the business incorporates the addition of cadmium which was later recognized as the harmful element and thus the company made the alloys free of the element. The core competency of the company is the manufacturing of strong, reliable, high conductivity copper alloys that offers a high efficiency wire as a final product.

The company manufactures    Peron, a finest alloy of copper free of cadmium. It offer a niche marketing tool, because after the restriction by EU, Only few player turned to eco-friendly manufacturing of the alloys. Among which Peron was the one. The company finds a deadlock in deciding the business strategy in order to make itself recognizable and build a strong reputation-top of mind. The company has to decide whether to slowly penetrate the market or should aggressively market its new product.

Problem Statement

The major issue identified is the retention and availability of the skilled labor which is the key competence of the company. Because only the skilledlabor can operate the machines effectively. The issue is everytime, a mechanic leaves the company, it takes long time, to hire and train the new mechanic to reach the proficient level, hence incurring cost again and again.

The secondary problems identified is the management of the growth. Though the company has enough of resources to serve the increased demand, yet it is complicated and infect complex situation for the organization to sustain and remain the significant player in the market. Sustaining the position is a challenge to the company.

Another pertinent issue with the company is the availability of raw material at low cost. The raw material is the key t manufacture a good quality alloy while incurring low cost.

Situational Analysis

Market analysis

The market for Peron is unsaturated, as the company has been the first mover in changing its strategy to produce eco-friendly product. The other players in the market have not really initiated towards producing eco-friendly product. Moreover the company has great opportunities because in future times airlines like Boeing and airbus, start using the Peron in pace of he already Copperfield. In addition, the shift of the market towards electronics cars has opened a new gateway for the organization to tap and operate into. Compassionate estimated the sales of 33 billion at the end of 2010, which is huge and can be accomplished due to certain factors in which the ban of EU on the use of cadmium serves the top reason.

Fisk Alloy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Raw Material Acquisition

With the passing time, the acquiring of the cheap Raw material has become intense. The company has estimated an increase in the cost of the manufacturing by 16% which means the company hast re-strategist its processing strategy which might affect the positioning and sales of the company. Making an alloy which is more reliable and durable yet eco-friendly incs more cost than making an alloy with the combination of cadmium......

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