Dissertation on Walmart’s strategic planning and process Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dissertation on Walmart’s strategic planning and process Case Solution


Purpose and aim of study

Nowadays, companies, globally, have the strong norms of utilizing the operations properly in order to compete against each other. With the increasing trend of the public sector industry, it has been analyzed that there are many organizations that are still in the phase of development and require proper strategies in order to meet the overall objectives set under a vision and mission (Shahin, 2011).

Therefore, they need a proper internal and external strategic evaluation through industry analysis which would be based on the company's ability to generate the desired outcome. However, the purpose of the study is to analyze the strategic position of Walmart regarding its internal and external factor evaluation (P & A, 2011). These factors include the use of Michael Porter’s five forces as well as SWOT analysis to determine the net results which would be considered as the pre-requisites to make strategic decisions in order to meet the overall objectives of a company.

In addition to this, the use of competitive industry analysis has been performed which is related to a competitive position within a particular market (Preciado, 2015). Therefore,conducting the research by using these tools and techniques would allow identifying the current position of Walmart as well as it would help to determine the company’s ability to perform better based on the environmental factors.


Walmart is the most successful and biggest retailor in the world with more than three billion sales per week. However, its sales volume is equal to the size of 20th largest economy regarding funds and position. The key to the success of this particular brand came from its attractive price offerings and cost controls (Geisler, 2012). Walmart has the operations subjected to the sale of general store items like food, clothing, electronic tools, and cars, etc.

Another reason behind the success of Walmart is the proper utilization of resources such as workforce, machines and other related operational items and setups. Therefore,in order to critically evaluate and analyze the relevant factors that would allow to expand the company's position more than expected, a proper implementation of internal and external factor evaluation would allow to further extract and disclose the strategic objectives that can be matched with a particular vision and mission of the company (Alexander, 2012). Thus, without analyzing the two factors, Walmart would be unable to analyze the opportunities and threats for the future.


There are only a few studies that are related to the use of external analysis of the industry and these studies are; researches of Hendrick (2010), Rainey (2009) and Poister (2010). However, these studies concluded that every organization should first focus on the external environment instead of developing the strategies for internal improvements because without judging the outside factors, executing an internal evaluation would be a waste of time.

In contrast to them, most of the researches are based on the industry analysis related to the internal performance of the company (Mansor & Tayib, 2012). In the case of Walmart, the company was quite similar to the studies of internal developmental strategic planning and process described by the past researchers. It clearly shows that it has no direct relationship with the external evaluation as most of the customers are price sensitive in developing economics instead of going towards the quality factor, which would allow the company to critically evaluate the performance of the strategic measures to achieve their demands (Kriemadis & Theakou, 2007). This technique was applied by Walmart as less price would lead to an increase in sales in every economy including the developed one as they offer high-quality products in less price....................

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