Cisco Systems Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cisco Systems Case Study Solution 

The case illustrates the business strategy of the Cisco group which has recently developed the Cisco ASR 1000 router- all-purpose router to launch in market through social media platform. The case revolves around the development of the Cisco router which is cost effective, efferent and has strong value proposition as compared to the competition.However, the company this time used the social media and digital platform to launch the product so to capture the maximum eyeball and attract the customers from the right sea.Since digital medium is rich in tech pro customers, the company targeted the end users for the recent product through digital platform. Moreover, the case also illustrates the cisco move to launch the ASR 1000 in an attempt to cater the market demand, which is the accessibility on the edge. The company developed the ASR 1000 with a slogan virtually, visually and virally software to offer the customer, businesses and organization to integrate the big amount of data in multifunction way, beit voice data, video data or any other form. Since with the effect of globalization and the integration of technology into organization structure the need for high-tech integrated software has increased, Cisco tap the market opportunity through the development of such ASR 1000 router to offer branchless businesses in remote are also.

In addition to this, the company adopted a different brand marketing strategy to launch it product in market. Since these types of businesses are always wrapped around the professional stiff identity and brand image, Cisco adopted a lighter and friendly approach to represent its offering and develop a new brand image.

However, under these disruptive steps, cisco faces the challenges of developing the high return on investment through digital platform and to sustain the company’s value proposition and position in the market through the digital channel. Also, the identification of right tools and tactics is still under consideration since the trend of social media is still emerging and marketers are still experimenting with the tools to drive the right results.

Keywords:  Social media, Gamification, Digital Platform, ASR 1000


Cisco systems Inc. started its business operation in 1984, with an objective to offer the business the networking solutions, since it identified networking as the key for the business and individuals to survive in the world of technological advancement. Over the period, the company became one of the successful companies that designs, manufactures, devise networking solutions and other technological support using web and internet. It reported the revenues of 39.5 billion with net income of 8.1 billion in the later 90’s. Also it increased the number of employees to 68000 in the given year, distributed worldwide.

The main focus of the company has remained to be the network solution provider to businesses and individuals that are operating in a diverged market environment. It also focused on offering the internet based technological solutions that engrave video sharing, data sharing and video conferencing all at one time through one portal. Since in the market, due to technological advancing and globalization, business have expanded into remote areas also and expanded globally, the need for an integrated software and portal has increased, in order to connect the different locations and data generated through a uniform, unified platform. This need made Cisco systems to develop its technological base on the market demand which further enhanced and led to the development of the ASR 1000 Router.

In addition to this, the main trends that the company identified while developing its business strategy in the market has been the increasing demand of the customers to increase the bandwidth usage.About 43% of the companies has increased the bandwidth usage over a period of time. This depicts the shift of the businesses on internet infrastructure.In addition, globalization has also transformed the business structure, since the workforce of single company is distributed and diverged in different region, amen for collaboration and alignment has been in rising demand of the business. Lastly, since technology has evolved, and many consumers has shifted toward online platforms, or digital platform the need for handling the customer data and customer traffic at particular time has also increased. This depicts the increased need for highly integrated software that could support the surge of data in the company.Cisco as a technological strong company identified all these key trends in the market and developed the ASR 1000 ROUTER, which engraved and inculcated these key trends into it, and offered the user companies a multifunctional software to offer all types of functionality of the businesses through one internet medium.

Cisco Systems Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Doing so, the cisco designed ASR 1000 which had been cheaper, cost-effective, flexible and efficient as compared to the other competitor’s products. The main value proposition of the ASR 1000 has been its multi-function complex structure that offered the service of voice, video, data and mobility to the growing corporations. However, in order to make the most of part of the product launch, the company used the social media platform and engaged the tech pros and bloggers to create the hype and word of mouth through digital medium.....................

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