My Growing Ethical Awareness and Ethical Leadership Development Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

My Growing Ethical Awareness and Ethical Leadership Development (Essay B)
By having the right set of the right values, knowledge of ethics and having a strong character, an ethical leader can set the tone of the organizational culture and become a role model for all the members of the organization. Ethical behavior is the most important element of the transpersonal leadership however, there are only a few methodologies through which it could be achieved. Being a moral leader requires a lot of hard work and decision making which is not easy at all. Rather than just acquiring the altruistic moves, becoming a leader is becoming against your own self-interest(Hamilton, 2005).
As the ethical awareness that I get from my experiences, performance and decision making at my job, I tend to move on the path of ethical leadership development. Ethical awareness plays an important role in ethical leadership development because ethical awareness helps the leaders to become adaptive to different situations that are faced by them. Based on my personal experience and my own career path that I have covered so far I have seen that all those managers that come up and get promoted based on the organizational ranks and the organizational hierarchy are on the basis of their technical knowledge, experience and strength.
Such default response patterns work well in all the adaptive challenges or situations however, my experience tells me that it can actually work if the challenge is clear to the managers and a decision making is required based on ethical principles. The complexity of the challenge is another element that describes that whether a solution would resolve and overcome the challenge or not. The complexity of the challenge has an overall impact on the whole system of human elements and interrelated processes within the organization and how ethics plays the role in such decisions.
In order to pursue ethical leadership development, the principle of human equality needs to be followed by the leaders and this does not mean that the salaries of the leaders should be equal to the salaries of the other humans or their living standards should be equal. However, they should consider all the humans equal because this is the only way through which they would be able to reduce the extremes of poverty and excess. Deciding on the correct frame of reference for leadership and supervision is highly important for both organizational effectiveness and ethical leadership.
The leaders of an organization need to conceptualize around four different frames of reference that are symbolic, political, human resource and structural. Regarding the structural frame, the leader’s team needs to have this element for effective operations within the team and effective supervision. All the team members will have to learn the rules, procedures, practice and performance, guidelines and also how the individual’s decisions are made within the organizations.............

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