“Culture is correspondence, correspondence is culture.”
Culture is defined as a set of beliefs, attitude, norms, custom, cast, creed, values, goals and practices that characterized the society or community. Culture is an aggregate programming of the psyche that recognizes the individuals from one gathering or classification of individuals from another.
Culture in its broadest sense is a developed behavior,which is the totality of a man's educated, collected experience which is socially transmitted or conducted through social learning. Culture is the total of the educated behavior of a gathering of individuals that are by large thought to be the custom of that individual and are transmitted from era to generation.

Chinese Culture (Host Country)

There are many religions in China however; Buddhism, Muslims and Christianity have a small population over there. The Chinese philosophy is based on communism. Majority of the people in Chinese communist party are atheist. Currently, there are only five official religions. There are several strict Muslims in China who properly follow Islam. As compared to other Muslim countries they have high prestige and pride with respect to religion.
Numerous languages are spoken in the region of China and Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. At the beginning of 20th century, most of the population was illiterate and there were many unacceptable languages spoken in different cities of China which were not understood by the people of others areas. However,the written language is still in its standardized format. The celebration starts from the mid of January till mid of February as it is the beginning of the New Year.
UK Culture(Home Country)
The term demonstrated during the World War II. The UK does not define the constitutional language however; English is the main language and became the national/ official language in the world. 70% of the whole population in the UK speaks Native English.
The people in UK are conscious about their appearance and living style. UK is a multi-faith society where 60%% of population belongs to Christianity and Muslims are approximately 5%. (Tompkins, 2010)

Free will & control

The Chinese government is based on the philosophy of communism. All the social and economic activities ruled by the particular party. Every action and response is taken by the Chinese communist party. They are responsible for any uncertain situation in the state. UK’s government is based on the constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government. In Chinese culture, the people don’t have freedom to take decision on the bases of their own judgment asit is controlled by single and self-perpetuating party while in the UK, the government focuses on the individual rights and freedom. The legal department in UK gives leverage to their citizens. The people have the authority to sue any company or a person for solid reason with support of the lawyers.
An individual best interest is indistinguishable with society’s sentiment and believe in China, thus the concept of individual freedom is different from the societal benefit due to communist ideology. The only reason that accepts the individual thoughts and idea is for the best interest of society. On the other hand, the parliament in the UK has the authority to decide the laws. The UK government is based on democracy, normally formed the leader in the party who is elected by winning the most number of seats in an election. The proposals of amendment and the rules and laws are first scrutinized within the parliament and thenimplemented.

Uncertainty Avoidance

Chinese are reluctant for the rules and regulation in the society "A Nation of Laws, Not a Nation of the Rule of Law”. In Chinese culture,avoidance to uncertainty is low therefore; the certainty and ambiguity level of the people is moderate.In UK, people are aware of rules and regulation because the legal departments contribute and bring awareness in the society hence, there is low uncertainty avoidance. People in the Uk known about the uncertain situations and know what the day brings to them. They are comfortable in uncertain situations because of the fact of living in individualistic society...................

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