Managing with Analytics at P&G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Managing with Analytics at P&G Case Solution

Overview of problem:

The company is investing in the analytics’ talent to increase the efficiency of the decision making and the CIO, Filippo Passerini, is leading to invest in the GBS expertise to run the business in the changing model for using data. The change in the processing and business analysts has brought about a shift in the culture, and it requires time to make the plan.


Procter and Gamble has constantly kept up its brand position as a generally famous and successful universal organization. This achievement has been ascribed to numerous things throughout the years, including the Information Decision Solution (IDS) provided through its center analysists. With the energetic leadership showed by the organization's the CEO, Bob McDonald, and the longing and visionary endeavors of CIO, Passerini, P&G could secure a reasonable competitive advantage through the improvement of its analytics department.

For this case, a brief review of the organization's endeavors to change their IT division and in addition particular actions and results will be examined, so as to identify that where the organization is situated now, and where it should be regulated.

Decisions Context:

The company wide solution created by IDS was Decision Cockpit, an online customized entry or dashboard that followed the most pertinent information and news for every individual workers. Decision Cockpit works in a way that every individual worker could indicate the information and reports shown on their own dashboard and could set alerts if the information were outside of a predetermined range or if essential information, such as competitor’s product presentation becomes available.

Managing with Analytics at P&G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
Managing with Analytics at P&G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Related to the centralized information distribution center, the dashboards were quickly redesigned when the new information arrived or any data became accessible, as a result, permitting employers to respond in real-time. The two primary objectives that the decision cockpit was produced was to accelerate the basic decision making process with real-time data and to change the whole focus of data based decision from "What" to "Why" and "How"..............

Decisions context

Decisions context

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