Case Analysis: Gilead: Hepatitis-C Access Strategy (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis: Gilead: Hepatitis-C Access Strategy (A) Case Solution


Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a bio pharmaceutical company that was founded in the year 1987. The company is located in California and the headquarters-of the company are located in Foster City. The company is famous for its research as the company is spending more on research projects for antiretroviral medication for most dangerous diseases, such as HIV and AIDS. It is expected that this research provides significant success to the organization in terms of global recognition, and growth and the financial position of the company is becoming strong since providing innovative products has becomes key success factor for the company. Moreover, the company has developed different products regarding treatment of HIV and HCV. The ultimate objective of the company’s strategy is that the company is pursuing aggressive international diversification strategy to serve low income and developing countries. However, in this paper, the analyst will analyze the different strategies of the company along with other external factors to help the reader in understanding the strategy of the company.

Would you characterize Gilead’s HIV/AIDS strategy for emerging markets as successful in terms of its alignment with the Six Factors and business model?

Gilead’s business model was focused on serving low income people and poor countries. The emerging markets for Gilead’s HIV/AIDS strategy we reconsidered as aligned with the business six factors. The business six factors are as followed: Planning, Perseverance, Risk management, Enthusiasm &Belief, Level-headed approach, and Relishing challenge. The company had completed its planning process well incorporated with the overall aspect,which could influence the business strategy. Moreover, the company planned to serve the emerging markets such as India and Egypt among other poor countries where HIV/AIDS has affected people.

The company had assumed time for the new business to follow the factor of perseverance. This means that the company had taken time to become profitable. The company achieved this through focusing on the needs of the people and remained unprofitable in countries that have low income per capital. Moreover, the company incorporated the factors of risks while considering its business. This means that the company had complied its business strategy with the risk involved with its business strategy.

Furthermore, the company was enthusiastic about bringing new innovations in the market to provide the cure for acute diseases. Due to this, the company was focused on providing medicines in poor and under developed countries, where the people lack access to medicines of acute diseases. Thus, with the collaboration of the government of the poor countries, the company was providing medicines at affordable prices with no profit strategy.

The company has adopted level-headed approach in its decision making. This means that the company was making a rational decision regarding its business, which prevented it to make ineffective decisions. This has contributed in the success of the business as it made its position strong in the society. Furthermore, the company was also considering challenges that involved its business moves. Thus, it incorporated its business strategy with the challenges associated with it. Therefore, it is considered that the Gilead’s HIV/AIDS strategy for emerging markets was successful, as it was aligned with the six factors and the business model, which is comprises of the non-profit operations in under developed countries.

Should Gilead offer HCV drugs to emerging market countries? What is the rationale?

The emerging markets for the Gilead’s HCV drug were India, China, Egypt, and US.  It is considered that the company should offer its HCV drugs to these emerging markets. The reason for this is that it would help the company to increase its market share and profitability since the prevalence of HCV is greater in these countries.Therefore, it should attempt to offer its drugs in these countries...................

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